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Silver In Style, Chic24x7 The Sterling Edge

With jewelry buyers taking a mature look at jewelry and gemstones, we live in a world where quality is key. The genuine style conscious buyer is no longer happy with colorful glass pieces and hastily crafted jewels, when it comes to sterling silver. This group of buyers, demands quality and is willing to pay the premium price that would be required to maintain quality. In fact, the quality standard in their opinion, should be the same irrespective of metal and gem selection. So basically both, gold and 925 silver jewelry should adhere to the same quality standards. 

pink sapphire silver ring
earrings zircon blue gemstone

After decades of designing and crafting thousands of jewels for the industry, Chic24x7 today pours its expertise and technical skills online. The website is more than an online jewelry store, it is a treasure chest of high utility information suitable to jewelry buyers at all levels. With a commitment to inform and evolve the concept of jewelry sales, Chic24x7 uploads its amazing design collection for all to see and appreciate. You could Shop At Chic24x7 for a single jewel, order a bunch of pieces of even request for volume production of your own styles and design ideas. 

blue sapphire 925 silver rings
sapphire silver pendants

Keep your self prepared to see some truly exotic gemstones in this 925 silver jewelry collection. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, pink sapphire, chrome diopside and the absolutely brilliant (natural) zircon is all on display. While this might be a fairly new website, it is backed by one of the leading gem and jewelry establishments based on Thailand. This explains the liberal use of gems that are conventionally reserved for more expensive metals like gold. 

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Chic24x7 Highlights:

  • Quality sterling silver, all natural gemstones. 
  • A dazzling collection of styles and designs online. 
  • Backed with decades of gems and jewelry experience. 
  • Can accommodate both retail and wholesale orders.
  • Can produce jewels with your design specifications. 
  • Modest MOQ requirements, less inventory hassles for you. 

You can contact, at  we will be glad to discuss your requirements and come up with a great solution. You could draw on our expertise in gemstone cutting, gem procurement and jewelry production. We have a marketing unit that keeps itself updated on the global demand supply situation, for gems and jewelry. The information on our website will be useful to jewelry sellers at all levels, it is aimed at reducing guesswork and allowing you to focus better on prime and relevant factors.