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Information and issues related to food, delicious food, food that is good for your health and more. You might find the occasional recipe here but, we do not wish to develop this section as a 'cooking' resource. While we will work hard to keep the food related information in this section relevant to as wide an audience as possible, you might notice a slant towards information focused on Thailand. This is mainly because, we are based in this wonderful country. 

Coco is good for your health but, coco on it's own is quite insipid and boring. Most of us love to eat chocolate and this is generally a delicious habit developed from childhood. So can you get the health benefits of coco by eating chocolate. If so, just how much of chocolate a day is good for your health. Is there any specific type or variety of chocolate that does a better job. What exactly does, dark chocolate mean ... more

While almonds are generally regarded as a healthy food, few people are aware that the skin on the almond actually inhibits the release of many nutrients in almonds. Soaking almonds in water is an easy way to make the skin come off, soaked almonds are also softer and thus become easier to digest ... more

oats healthy

Improve your diet by including oats in your food plan. Oats is healthy and can help regulate both sugar and cholesterol levels. The soluble fiber called 'beta-glucan' in oats,helps pull LDL (bad cholesterol) before it reaches the bloodstream. We tall you why oats is good for you ... more

garlic in food ingredient

Garlic a very popular food flavoring agent has always been known for its medicinal properties. The amazing thing about garlic is the many things that it does to improve the health of your heart. Including garlic in your food is a better idea than, relying on supplements ... more.  

While locating a place that serves vegetarian food in Bangkok or Thailand could pose a challenge, the annual Vegetarian Festival celebrated throughout the nation is a time when eaters who wish to experience the true flavor of Thai and Chinese veg food dishes can feast to their hearts content. Chiangmai, Phuket and Bangkok celebrations during the veg food event draw many local and foreign visitors ... more

thai food australia

Make Betong 888 your preferred destination for authentic Thai food in Australia. Indulge in fine Thai delicacies prepared by expert cooks with, handpicked ingredients. This Thai restaurant is located at Brisbane ... more

induction cooking

Induction cooking is considered to be the most heat efficient form of cooking. So how does induction cooking work and what are the required devices. Can you use your existing pots on your induction cooktop. We provide some interesting and useful information on this topic ... more.