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Custom Jewelry In Gold And Silver

With tonnes of jewelry available in ready made stores, you might wonder why a large number of seasoned jewelry lovers prefer custom jewelry. Global economic conditions have made consumers more aware of what they buy, quality has become an important factor influencing buying decisions. So how does this relate to custom made jewelry, the answer is quite logical and simple. Most of us are making less frequent purchases of luxury items like jewelry, brand name handbags and shoes etc. When you buy gold or 925 silver jewelry, you want to make sure that you really like the design, style and gemstones set in the jewels. Getting precisely what you want is likely to keep you satisfied for a longer period of time. Another fact is that, the jewelry that you buy needs to be worn more frequently and for a long time into the future - this highlights the importance of long term durability. 

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Custom bracelets from Kaisilver, when looking for quality bracelets in gold or 925 silver, the custom made option is your best bet. Choosing the right custom jewelry provider can get you not only great looking bracelets but also, deliver durability that will keep your custom bracelet looking great for years and decades. Kaisilver places no limitation on your choice of design metal (gold or silver) and gemstones when ordering a custom made bracelet ...more

Moderately priced gents jade rings custom made in gold and sterling silver. All gents rings with green jade gems use natural jade mined in Burma. Superior workmanship is provided for both 925 silver and gold jade rings, you can choose from untreated jade or dyed (treated) jade for your ring. Custom jade gemstone rings for gents can be crafted with your designs or ours, requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated ... more.

engagement ring with gemstone

Engagement rings have gone through a major change in recent years. Conventions related to design and stones have generally been given lower importance. Color is a big player in engagement rings today, colored gemstones are preferred and brides are loving it. The world of gems has much more to offer besides ruby, sapphire and emerald. Our report covers this topic in detail and has high interest and utility value, a must read for every bride ... more

tanzanite rings earrings jewelry

Tanzanite jewelry is best when custom made. When choosing a tanzanite ring or a pair of tanzanite earrings - getting the right tanzanite gem color is important. Kaisilver the leading online custom jewelry provider recommends that, you choose the option for custom tanzanite jewelry. Work with a jeweler that would allow you, complete control over all aspects of the jewel. This includes picking the gem color and also choosing gold or 925 silver ... more

Bringing affordability to gold and 925 sterling silver jade rings, Kaisilver sources moderately priced jadeite from the Burmese mines and provides them in untreated and dyed(treated) form. You can choose the design for your jade ring from our website or, send us images and sketches with your own ideas. Both 925 silver and 14k or 18k  gold jade gemstone rings are crafted with the same quality standards related to gems and workmanship ... more

The beauty and toughness of pink sapphire has won it an exclusive market. Style savvy jewelry lovers love the gem for its beauty and long term durability. Kaisilver can custom make your jewelry with gemstones of your choice, you can pick gold or silver as the metal. The RG224PS pink sapphire and diamond ring can be crafted with various colored gems, or you could choose to mix different sapphire colors in the same ring. All ring sizes are available ... more

men's rings with green gems

Men love green gems as much as women do, wearing a green gemstone ring for men implies a man who is caring and willing to maintain relationships. When choosing green gemstone ring for men, it is important to consider price and durability of the gemstone. It is important to understand that, emerald is not the only green gem available. Other green stones include peridot, green jade, green tourmaline just to name a few. Learn more about this ... more

gemstone earrings

Few jewelers can match the high degree of customization that Kaisilver provides. This is one strong reason why you should, pick Kaisilver as the source for your gemstone earrings. Custom jewelry should put you in control of all features. This is precisely what happens when you order a pair of earrings or any other jewelry from Kaisilver. No restriction on gemstone, design or metal (gold or silver), when ordering your gemstone earrings from us ... more

Custom jewelry fulfills the most pressing desire of most jewelry buyers. When you order a custom made jewel in gold or 925 silver, you define every single feature of the jewel, the dimensions, metal, gemstones used etc. Ready made jewelry is generally not produced as single one-off pieces, the idea is to get the economies of scale and also appeal to a wider market base. The easiest way for a jewelry store to  succeed is to try and keep the jewelry as attractively priced as possible, unfortunately this will translate to a compromise in terms of quality. As contrasted to this, the crafting of custom made jewelry needs to satisfy just one buyer, there is no rush to target a wide market. The jeweler crafting the jewels and you as a buyer, can work out specifics like quality of workmanship, metal weight and other built-in features to enhance both appearance and long term durability. 

When working with a custom jewelry provider, evaluate the jeweler before you begin discussing your requirement. Your jeweler should work more as a consultant rather than a plain seller, explain details and also discuss options and alternatives. Websites that scream 'buy now', 'add to cart' and 'check out' might appear sleek and user friendly but, a luxury item like jewelry really requires a further touch of one-to-one communications. Make sure that you are not being rushed into confirming the order and making a payment, it is the jeweler's responsibility to understand and recommend. The tone of email or phone conversations will to a large extent, reveal the credibility and capability of the jeweler. And the most important thing, your custom jewelry is about you and your preferences, make sure that you are not being restricted in your choice of design, metal, dimensions, gemstones or quality standard related to workmanship. If something that you wish to have is technically impossible, the jeweler should be in a position to clearly explain details. At the end of the day,  your imagination and budget should take charge - the jeweler should be in a position to fulfill all your requirements. 

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