Jewelry Made To Order


Made To Order Jewelry

While there is no shortage of ready made jewels to buy off the shelf, made to order jewelry stands apart from the rest. When you choose to go for custom jewel, you are in control of the design, metal and gemstone. There is nothing that the jeweler will not do for you as, he has to satisfy just one customer and that is you. Made to order jewelry does take time to get crafted but, the wait is justified and worth it. If you wish to have your jewelry ready by a specific date, begin the search early and make sure that the jeweler has sufficient time to do a good job. 

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claddagh men's ring

Can men wear heart rings, this is an interesting question. Since the heart motif symbolizes love and love is not restricted to any specific gender, men can surely wear a heart ring. The design concepts for men's heart rings are not many. We talk about the ancient claddagh ring, the jewel has a heart prominently depicted in the center. This jewel is available in gold and silver ... more

men's ruby ring

Choosing the right men's ruby ring is important because, these rings would generally carry a significant price. We talk about gold and silver rings for men with ruby gems, get to know the essentials before buying you ring ... more

cat rings

Custom made cat rings in gold or 925 sterling silver. Choose your birthstone or pick a gem by color, each Kaisilver cat ring is designed and crafted to meet superior quality standards. Learn all about this cute animal ring ... more

amethyst gemstone ring

The benefits of amethyst have been believed for many centuries. It is believed that an amethyst makes a person calm and makes it possible for the mind to better control stress. We talk about the benefits of wearing this gem ... more

claddagh moonstone ring

A moonstone claddagh rings combines the mystic beauty of moonstone with history's most meaningful jewel. Tremendous folklore and traditions surround the gemstone. The Claddagh365 gold or silver moonstone ring are crafted with the same quality standards. Learn more about this gorgeous ring and the awesome shimmer of the moonstone ... more

diamond rings gold color

The gold color for diamond rings are an important element that, can change the appeal and allure of the  jewel. Stylists recommend that you build your jewelry collection with both, white and yellow gold diamond rings ... more.

gemstone pendant, gem touches skin

The requirement for the gemstone in a pendant to touch the skin is based on ancient beliefs and traditions. Various gems have been worn to derive benefits from their 'special' powers. Our reports talks about gem pendants ... more

opal color play

The gorgeous play of colors that you see on an opal is a natural phenomenon. A little known fact is that, opals contain a percentage of moisture that is internally stored in the stone. Our report has some very interesting info ... more

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