Benefits Of Amethyst


What Are The Benefits Of Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, the color range of this gorgeous gem can range from a pale lavender shade to a deep purple. The gem gets its name from the Greek word 'amethystus' and that is where the most popular belief related to amethyst originated. Though this might not be considered to be one of the 'benefits' of amethyst today, it is quite interesting. In ancient times, people carved goblets from amethyst stone. They believed that drinking wine (alcohol) from these amethyst goblets, ensured that they would not get intoxicated. The Greek word amethystus meant, 'not drunk'. 

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Few sources for amethyst were known in the early days, the resources in Brazil had still not been unearthed. The Ural mountains in Russia delivered some rich colored amethyst gemstones, these were rare and like all rare things, began to be associated with royalty. It was not long before the color purple was associated with kings and queens. Catherine The Great from Russia, embraced this gemstone, her collection boasted of some awesome amethyst gems, some with intricate carvings and motifs. The British Crown procured its share of fine amethyst stones too. The findings of amethyst in Brazil and some parts of South America, brought the gem within the reach of many gem and crystal lovers. 

Religion made its connection with amethyst, the gem began to be worn by bishops. The purple gem is also considered to be pure and depicts clarity of vision and heart, amethyst is also patronized by popes. Religious benefits began to be attributed to amethyst, the stone was believed to motivate a person to be sincere and not indulge in things that were considered to be bad by religious teachings.

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Crystal therapists claim that, a box full of amethyst stones can help purify any other type of crystal or gem that is added to the box. People wearing an amethyst gem are believed to be calm and composed, the gem helps overcome mental stress without putting a strain on the mind and body. For those of you who seem to have a wandering mind and find it hard to concentrate, wearing an amethyst is believed to help focus on the task at hand. While these are mentioned as being the benefits of wearing an amethyst, you should know that they are based on centuries old customs and beliefs. 

If you have interest in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui which originated about 5,000 years ago, here is some information that will interest you. There are 5 elements recognized in Feng Shui and they are, fire, metal, wood, earth and water. Of these, wood is linked to the spring season, it represents the east and southeast directions and is symbolized by gems that are purple or green. What this implies is that, an amethyst gem placed in the east or southeast direction, attracts positive energy and subdues the presence of negative factors. 

The bible tells us that Aaron the Israeli High Priest wore a breastplate that had various gems encrusted in it. Each gem represented one of the Israeli tribes, amethyst was placed on the third row. Historians relate the 12 stones to the birthstones that we know today. Wearing a birthstone is supposed to amplify the goodness and benefits of the gemstone, amethyst is designated as the February birthstone.

The good thing about amethyst is that, the gem color suits both men and women. Men prefer darker shades of purple while women, go for the medium to darker medium gem color. Despite the beauty and historic significance of amethyst, the gem is quite reasonably priced. This makes is it a great choice for bracelets, men love the larger sizes that can be accommodated into their budget. 

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