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When it comes to leisure, each one of us has our own 'best' way to relax and unwind. While reading might help some of us to relax, others might find it to be a strain on the mind. Travel can be relaxing but there are a significant number of people who actually hate or even fear to travel. It is precisely this scenario that, will permit a wide range of topics to be covered in this section - Leisure and Travel. 

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Bicycle riding has become a popular outdoor recreational activity in Thailand. When cycling in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, give high importance to safety. The country is one of the top ranked nations for the number of road accidents, many of these turn out to be fatal mishaps ... more

tops supefrmarket thailand sathupradit

Tops the leading supermarket chain in Thailand, has spread its business across a range of retail space sizes. Not all the Tops supermarkets are situated within the Central Department Stores. A good example is the Tops outlet on Sathupradit Road in Bangkok, read the report ... more

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most popular monuments in Thailand. Many visitors to the city have seen it from a distance at some point but, never really knew what it was. Despite the large number of tourists who crowd to see the Grand Palace and the hot sultry weather that summers might bring - we would highly recommend a visit to the majestic Grand Palace in Bangkok. Read some interesting details about the Grand Palace ... here

belly rings

You own a gorgeous belly ring, the jewel is finely crafted in gold and encrusted with precious gems. Is it okay to wear this high end belly ring to work, can belly rings be worn to the workplace. Our report talks about this ... more

bang nam pheung weekend market thailand

The Bang Nam Pheung Market in Samut Prakarn Thailand, is a traditional Thai weekend market. Besides popular Thai food, the market also offers wooden and brass items, clothes, caps, soft drinks, cakes, ice cream. The best time to visit the Bang Nam Pheung market is on Saturday or Sunday by 10am ... more

The Vegetarian Festival in Thailand is celebrated all over the nation. Generally happening in the month of October each year, this is one event where Thai and Chinese veg food lovers can relish an amazing variety of vegetarian food in Bangkok and other places. China Town in Bangkok located in the Yaowarat area, is the happening place for this interesting festival ... more

Upscale wedding dresses in Thailand have made a return to traditional silk fabric. Talented fashion stylists create some stunning Thai wedding dresses in both modern and traditional styles, the shimmering fabric with its elegant pastel shades makes a come back ... more

exercise shoes what is good

Shoes are an important part of an exercise or sport, the wrong sports shoes can result in injury which can at times take months to heal. Walking shoes would not be suitable for running or jogging, we explain why this is so. Understanding the shape and structure of your foot is important, make sure that the inside of the shoe holds your arch in the right way, we have more info ... here

mens heart ring claddagh

The claddagh ring is probably the only heart ring that is suitable for men. This ring was first made around four centuries ago and is perfect for a men's wedding ring. The meaning and significance of the historic ring, make it a great choice for the special occasion ring ... more.

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