Wearing A Belly Ring To Work


Belly Ring, Can You Wear It To Work

Belly rings are not new, they have been around for a few decades. There does seem to be some reservations about wearing a belly ring. While each one of us has a right to wear what we life, we do live in a society and opinions of others do matter. A simple question relates to whether, you could wear your belly ring to work. Let us first consider where exactly this jewel is worn. How many of us go to office with our navel area exposed. So if you wear a belly ring which remains covered under your shirt, blouse or coat, all is fine and well.

belly ring gold custom
custom belly ring with gemstones

Whether you happen to be working in an office that you own or working for someone else, give a serious thought to the way that you dress. Look at others around and observe the way that they dress. You might be a manager or supervisor or the owner of the place, would you feel comfortable if your juniors came to work with pierced tongues and lips and bejeweled eyebrows. It might not be a question of personal rights, it is more about having the right environment in the workplace. 

It is not uncommon for offices to have one day in each week reserved for 'free style dressing'. Discuss with your associates at work and take their opinion. Remember that belly rings are worn by both men and women, would you be comfortable if one of the guys enters office with a short T-shirt, an exposed navel and a belly ring dangling there. 

Belly rings, also known as belly button rings or navel piercings, have been a popular form of body modification for quite some time. They're a way to add some personal flair and style to your midsection. Typically, a small piece of jewelry, such as a barbell or a hoop, is inserted through the pierced navel.

Each Kaisilver belly ring is fully custom made and can handle, all personal requirements - allowing for a wide range of expression. You could opt for simple, minimalist designs, or go for more elaborate and decorative options with gems/diamonds, charms, or intricate patterns. Besides accommodating all requests for design changes, Kaisilver can also make a unique belly ring, based on your own design. 

Of course, as with any piercing, it's important to ensure that proper hygiene practices are followed during the healing process to prevent infection. It's also essential to choose a reputable piercing studio with experienced professionals to minimize any risks associated with the procedure.

Belly rings are gorgeous jewels, finely crafted belly rings with precious gems can be outstanding. You just need to give a thought regarding the suitability of the place and occasion, when wearing your belly ring. Kaisilver custom belly rings with fine workmanship and an unlimited choice of gemstones. You can also request for a belly ring to be made as per your design sketch or image. Read the Kaisilver Belly Ring Report, and get more ideas and information related to these unique pieces of jewelry. 

Kaisilver experts would advise caution when getting a navel piercing or other body piercing done. While a medical facility would be the best place, choose the best option available to you. Do not hesitate to take medical advise if the piercing does not heal after a few weeks or, seems to have swollen. The Kaisilver Navel Piercing Safety Report, should be useful to you. 


Whether it happens to be a belly ring or any other jewel, Kaisilver suggests that you do not be in a rush to order. Discuss all your requirements with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com make sure that, you have all the information required. You will be provided with detailed information regarding price, payment and production times and shipping. We will be fine if you finally decide to work with another jeweler, our aim is to educate you and equip you with the information to make the right decision. 


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