Food Trucks And Trailers


Food Trucks And Trailers

You could see both food trucks and food trailers in Bangkok and other locations in Thailand. The difference between the two is quite clear. Food trucks can be driven around whereas food trailers, need to be pulled around by other vehicles. In that sense the cost of a food trailer could be lower than that of a food truck. The actual costs would vary depending on the equipment and configuration in each case.

From this point in the report, we will use the terms food truck and food trailer interchangeably. Food trucks need a location to park and sell food. It is quite likely that this would involve a rental fee. This might not be the case where the owner of the spot (location), gains some benefits. For example a car showroom allowing a food truck to park on the premises, making it convenient for visitors to the showroom.

This is a basic food truck, it is a complete vehicle and can be driven around. The configuration and equipment inside the truck could differ. In most cases the cook or staff involved directly with the food being sold, would also drive the truck. 

food trailer truck

This would be more rightly referred to as a food trailer rather than a food truck. The portion that directly makes or deals with the food, is not a complete vehicle. A food trailer would need to be pulled around by another vehicle. 

Food trucks and trailers could require an electric point to operate internal equipment. The power consumption might be a point of discussion between the food truck owner and the owner of the location. The option could be for the food truck to have its own power generation system. This can be seen when food truck operators park at, open ground fairs or events in Thailand.

The ideal location for a food seller would be, where there are a large number of people moving around. Examples are near train or bus stations, outside colleges and universities etc. Having said that, local rules and regulations could govern such locations. The mobility of food trucks and food trailers could have an advantage in this case. The food seller could test run his operation at various locations and analyze cost and revenue. 


Places like Bangkok in Thailand can benefit from food trucks and trailers. An analysis of cost and revenue including the cost of buying or renting a food truck need to be done. Multiple locations on different weekdays and weekends, at different times of the day and night, would need to be pilot tested. There is a need for both mobile and fixed food sellers in almost every country. It takes a well analyzed business model and a fair amount of luck to succeed.