Claddagh Ring With Moonstone


The Legendary Jewel Meets A Dream Stone

Widely acclaimed to be the most meaningful jewel in history, the claddagh ring was first made more than four centuries ago. The moonstone claddagh ring from Claddagh365, retains all the features of the first ring made centuries ago. The features of the claddagh that give the jewel its meaning and significance are the heart (love), the crown (loyalty) and the hands (friendship and togetherness). While a claddagh ring would make an awesome engagement ring, the love symbolized by the ring is not restricted to matrimonial alliances. You could for example, present this moonstone heart ring to your mother. 

Ancient civilizations related the soft glow seen in a moonstone to the moon. Some people still believe that wearing a moonstone or keeping a piece of the stone under your pillow, will ensure that you always get sweet dreams. The gemstone was also believed to encourage compassion and affection, this led it to be referred to as the lover's gemstone. Many crystal healers still recommend that married couples wear the gemstone, it is supposed to encourage harmony and reconciliation at home. 

The elegant shimmer on a moonstone is today scientifically explained by experts but, it is very much more boring as compared to various folklore that explained the same optical effect in the gem. People believed for a very long time that, moonstone was formed from frozen moonlight. The sheen in a well cut moonstone, appears to move when the gem is observed from different angles. The effect was well explained by folklore, it was believed that the phases of the moon were relayed to the moonstone. 

You can order the Claddagh365 moonstone claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver. Both metals are provided with superior workmanship and the same gem quality. White moonstone is the most popular color for the gem and looks gorgeous in every metal color. Many of you would be wearing this ring for the significance of the claddagh ring or for the beauty of the moonstone. The choice of metal will not alter the beauty of the gemstone or the meaning of the claddagh ring, so work within your budget and choose the metal of your choice. 

Let us quickly explain the science behind the moonstone shimmer. A piece of rough moonstone looks quite ordinary, it is only the right orientation and cut that will reveal the gorgeous glow in the stone. Moonstone is composed of two types of feldspar which exist in alternating layers in the stone. The refractive index of these two feldspar types is not the same, this results in the diffraction of light as it enters the stone. And this diffraction results in the formation of a shimmer in the stone. 

Claddagh365: The historic meaning of the claddagh ring is retained in every ring crafted by Claddagh365. Read the CR-002 Claddagh Moonstone Report and learn more about the options and prices for the ring. You can order a sterling silver or gold claddagh ring, with the gemstone of your choice. The ring is suitable for both men and women, the men's ring is crafted with much larger dimensions and has an impressive look.