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Gemstones, Natural And Man Made

This is where we gather various resources related to gemstones. Since we want to talk about what is happening in the industry, we would like to discuss issues related to both natural and man made gemstones. It is quite surprising that, many large jewelry factories and sellers are not clear about the difference between synthetic gems and simple imitation stones that merely imitate color. Don't forget the ongoing and never ending search for new forms of gem treatments, gem manufacturers are always on the look out for that magical process that, can easily increased the perceived value of a gem. What the gems that are currently being favored and, which gemstone has fallen to an all time low. Stay tuned to all this and more in the gemstone section of the website. 

amethyst gem benefits

What are the benefits of wearing an amethyst gemstone. The February birthstone has been worn to provide peace of mind and encouraged a balanced mindset. We talk about amethyst the gorgeous gem and its benefits ... more

Synthetic Gems Help Wholesale Jewelry: Often referred to as the best option after natural gems, synthetic or lab created gems are making a strong statement in the wholesale jewelry sector. By perfectly imitating the physical, optical and chemical properties of a natural gem, synthetic gems offer an affordable option for wholesale silver or gold jewelry where, the use of natural gems would significantly inflate price tags ... more

Should you choose a black onyx that is faceted or pick a cabochon (smooth) onyx gemstone. Though most black onyx gems are cut with no facets as smooth cabochons, you can find faceted onyx too. What is best for your onyx ring or jewelry. Kaisilver experts discuss the pros and cons of going for a faceted or smooth black onyx gemstones, the idea is to equip you with the right information so that, you can make the right choice ... more

What exactly are beryllium heated blue sapphires. Are these sapphires sturdy and are the gems cheap. Does Kai Silver offer beryllium heated blue sapphire gemstones as an option for custom made jewellery orders. Read the details and know how the price logistics of these blue sapphire gems work. Disclosure of treatment is required and prices should reflect the treatment used ... more

opal gemstone

The flashes of color that you see in an opal gemstone are referred to as 'color play'. Most opal gem lovers do not really know, that moisture is an important element that helps create the color play effect in opal gemstones ... more

Black Opal Gems, Affordable Beauty: The emergence of Ethiopia as a significant player in the world of opals, has in recent years been further highlighted. Black opal gems are often sold as Ethiopian opals but, a clear explanation is required. Black opals from Ethiopia are put through a treatment process that gives them a dark color. The cost of black opals from Ethiopia, is very moderate. Our report provides more details ... more

Tanzanite the fairly modern gemstone has retained its name as one of the most popular gems in the 20th and 21st century. Being first discovered in just 1967, this gorgeous violet-blue gem is not deep into folklore and ancient traditions but, it has some unique features that make it a tremendous gemstone. Interestingly much of the tanzanite rough that is mined, needs human intervention to reveal its true beauty, read all about it ... more