Synthetic Gemstones In Wholesale Jewellery


Synthetic Gems Suited For Wholesale Jewelry

What exactly is meant by synthetic gems and why, are they growing to be very popular in the production of wholesale jewelry. To fully understand the increased demand for synthetic gems we will need to explain a few simple facts here. Simply put you could say that, a synthetic gem is an artificial stone that is made by man. But with reference to the gems and jewelry industry, we provide a differentiation between synthetic or lab created gems as they are sometimes called, and other factory made stones. A simple piece of colored glass, resin or plastic is sometimes called a gemstone too, it would rightly be called an imitation stone and not a synthetic stone. When you say that a gem is a lab created or synthetic stone, it needs to imitate more than the color of a natural stone. A complete replication of the physical, chemical and optical properties of a natural gem would classify a gem as a lab created or synthetic gemstone. The production process used to make lab created stones is extremely sophisticated and scientific. The conditions present in the laboratory need to imitate the conditions of nature under which, the natural gemstone was formed millions of years ago. Pressure, temperature and even the various gases that might have been around the area in which the natural gem was formed are all replicated in the production process. And finally, the million year genesis that the natural gem went through, is squeezed into a tiny element of time. 

Typical synthetic gemstone wholesale jewelry applications can be seen in the case of gold and silver jewels with lab created ruby, sapphire and emerald. These are three of the most sought after gems since ancient times and in their natural form are very rare and expensive. Wholesale jewelry markets are increasingly looking for lower price points, not much demand exists for high prices that natural ruby, sapphire and emerald would bring. Wholesale jewelry providers are therefore looking for synthetic gems to provide good looks, good prices and uniformity. If you wish to manufacture a wholesale jewelry lot of 100 silver ruby rings, it is very likely that you will require a similar look for all gems in those 100 rings. If you need to do this sort of matching with natural gems, you might have to buy at least 2 to 3 times the required stones, make a selection and then think about what needs to be done with the balance. On the other hand lab created gems can be sourced in large numbers, they can be very similar to each other too. Very obviously synthetic gems cost very much less than what their natural counterparts would. Larger sizes of rubies, sapphires and emeralds show an even steeper per carat price point - this makes them almost untouchable for moderately priced wholesale gemstone jewelry. But go with synthetic gems and you can create some awesome design ideas for your wholesale jewelry, large gem sizes could also be used. 

While you will find many honest and trustworthy gem and jewelry dealers in global markets, we would all love to see the situation improve even further. If you happen to be manufacturing or selling wholesale jewelry with imitation or lab created gems, please ensure that complete disclosure with reference to the gems is provided to the buyer. By their physical and chemical composition, lab created gems can easily be confused with their natural counterparts. Improvements in the production processes and equipment used to manufacture synthetic gems, can make them appear even closer to natural gemstones. Special expertise and advanced testing tools are often required to differentiate between lab created and natural gems. Do not encourage the use of confusing names to make buyers believe that, any man made gem is natural. 

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