Black Onyx Smooth Or Faceted - The Better Option

Black onyx is an opaque black gem, very popular among both ladies and gents. You will come across black onyx rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings in both gold and 925 silver. An interesting observation related to the cut of black onyx gems is that, most of them are cut with a smooth cabochon style. It is not very common to come across, conventionally faceted or checkerboard faceted black onyx gems. From the view point of a jewelry or gem buyer, which is the better choice - faceted or cabochon cut black onyx. Let us briefly try to explain the issues involved in this report, we also disclose some useful tips related to the dimensions of black onyx gemstones. To begin with, black onyx is always opaque so there is nothing like light entering the stone through the top and reflecting on inner facets. In its simplest form, cut and polished black onyx would appear as shown in the BON003 image shown on this page. A smooth well polished surface and a nice glow due to the luster when light strikes the stone. Essentially the bottom of the onyx can be flat as a pointed cut from below would not serve any major purpose. You do not want to cut a very thin black onyx gem as it would lack strength and durability. In some cases the onyx jewelry can influence how the base of the gem should be. For example, the belief that a gem has better effect when it touches the skin (on being worn), might call for a gem that is rounded at the base. Such a cut will ensure that the base of the stone touches the skin. 

Faceted gems can be cut in many styles but, we can broadly classify them as conventionally faceted and those that have a multi-faceted (checkerboard) cut. The BON002 is a cushion black onyx with facets, the base has the regular cone shape with a pointed cullet. We could generally guess that the jewel design that, will be set with these faceted black onyx gems required the gem shape and cut as seen in the image. The light as it shines on the planes defined by the facets does, create a fine effect - it is a unique type of glitter that can be experienced only in an opaque faceted gem. So what about the durability and wear and tear of this faceted black onyx as compared to the smooth cabochon cut stone. Before we get deeper into these details, take a look at the top surface of both these gems. The faceted gem has facets and junctions where adjacent facets meet. It is these junction lines that can show wear and tear more clearly, scratches and minor abrasions that might appear on the stone are easily seen. Since the gem is opaque, light that hits the surface of the stone reflects back from every single detail of the stone, there is no transparency to allow the light to partially or fully seep through the stone. On a smooth cut black onyx, these marks are softened due to the curved surface and this reduces the visibility of wear and tear marks. 

Now here is some very important advice regarding the thickness of black onyx gems. Since black onyx is not a very expensive gem, sellers and cutters often deliver gems that are very thick. This could cause the gem to protrude far beyond the surface of the jewel when set. Wearing a jewel with the gem significantly protruding out from the surface, means that the gem is more likely to be struck by hard surfaces or objects and get damaged. This is something that you should keep in mind when ordering or buying onyx gemstone jewelry, custom made jewelry might be your best option for this and many other reasons. 

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