Health Benefits Of Chocolate


Chocolate Health Benefits

You keep hearing about chocolates being a major cause of tooth decay in children and adults. As we grow older we learn that, the sugar and fat content of chocolates is not very good for health. And in all this negative hype, medical experts now tell us that, chocolate can keep your heart safer and healthier. So is chocolate really good for your health, how much of chocolate should you eat to derive those benefits and do all types of chocolate give the same health benefits. Without acting like medical professionals, we will present a quick note on this issue right here. 

Firstly make sure that, you do not make any attempt to deal with any medical condition without the advice of a medical expert. The good news that medical research has given us is that, coco can help improve the condition of the heart. However, the negative facts about the high sugar and fat content in milk chocolates still hold true. The goodness is in the coco, the important ingredient in all chocolates. Unfortunately, coco without the addition of any other ingredients does not taste very good - few of us would gulp down spoonfuls of plain coco. You might have come across information that, dark chocolate is good for your health - the important thing is to understand what exactly is meant by dark chocolate. Coco on it's own has a dark brown color, this color is not seen often in ready made chocolate bars sold in the stores. 

It is mainly the milk and fat content that, lightens the color of chocolate to a milder shade of brown. The proportions of milk and fat in dark chocolate, are much lower as compared to what they are in conventional milk chocolate. Unfortunately there are no fixed rules to define, exactly how much of these additives can be accepted in dark chocolate. But generally it would not be tough to identify dark chocolate if you see it, the image on this page shows dark chocolate manufactured by avery popular brand name in chocolates. 

So how much of chocolate should you eat to derive those health benefits. To begin with you should be aware that, certain medical conditions require a very strict control to be kept on the consumption of sugar and fat. It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor before, you begin to relish that chocolate. In any case, consume only a very modest amount of chocolate each day. Try to pick a dark chocolate that is as dark as possible even if, it seems to be quite hard and dry. Keep an eye on the sugar and fat content on the chocolate that you decide to eat, the wrapper or packet generally gives detailed information about ingredients. 

It is not easy to determine just what the right 'dose' for daily chocolate consumption should be. Research is on to find a way to produce something similar to, coco extract capsules. The components within coco that are good for health, would be extracted and processed into tablets or capsules. Once this becomes possible, doctors can easily advise the dosage that gives optimum health benefits. We will however need to be a bit more patient as, research related to medicines is generally slow but very thorough. 

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