Heart Wedding Ring For Men


Can Men Wear A Heart Wedding Ring

A heart motif is universally accepted as a symbol of love. When we talk about love it does not imply only matrimonial relationships. Men's wedding rings have come a long way, we have actually evolved from those days when men did not care to wear a wedding ring. Style gurus are often asked whether men can wear a heart ring and more importantly, whether a heart ring is suitable for a men's wedding ring. The general impression is that, heart rings are too dainty and feminine for men to wear. 

You will be surprised to learn that, there is indeed a heart ring that is very suitable for men to wear. This is not a new design that has been introduced in recent years, the jewel represents one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver explains that, there is no mistaking a men's claddagh ring for a dainty jewel. The men's ring is large and impressive, it is supported with a hefty metal weight and can be crafted with or without a gemstone. 

The first claddagh ring was made four centuries ago by an Irish slave named Robert Joyce. The young man made the ring during his tenure as a slave, he hoped to give it to his beloved once he was freed from slavery. Robert wanted the features of the ring to truly depict his feelings for his beloved, historians have rightly interpreted the symbolism of the features in the ring. Kaisilver claddagh rings are today regarded as the world's finest rendition of the centuries old ring. Both men's and women's claddagh  rings retain all the essential features of the ring, the hands, crown and heart are present in every ring. 

The ring symbolizes love (heart), loyalty (crown) and togetherness (hands), interestingly these are the qualities required for any relationship to develop and flourish. The men's claddagh ring is large and with no restriction on gem selection. You could wear a silver or gold claddagh ring in the required ring size. The concept of a gemstone in the claddagh ring was first introduced by Kai Silver. Besides adding to the visual appearance of the historic ring, the gemstone can also be selected based on specific traditions and customs.

The practice of wearing a pair of wedding rings where, the same design concept is selected for, the to be bride and groom has gained popularity in recent times. Since claddagh rings can be designed and crafted for both men and women, these jewels are perfect for a pair of wedding rings. The gemstone in each of the rings need not be the same, it is also fine for the man to wear a silver claddagh ring and the bride to choose a gold ring. 

A quick note about the gemstone in a men's claddagh wedding ring. While it is possible to pick just about any gem, prices and toughness can vary significantly. Gems like sapphire, ruby and emerald can be very expensive as the size moves up. If you happen to be picking the gem for a men's claddagh ring based merely on gem color, you will have some amazing choices. This is because different gems can have a similar color for example, emerald, peridot, jadeite and chrysoprase are all green. 

And what about a men's plain claddagh ring with no gemstone. The truth is that the first claddagh ring made around 4 centuries ago had no gemstone, it was an all metal jewel. Plain claddagh rings have their advantages, it is surely easier to maintain a plain ring since you need not worry about any gem getting damaged. Some gemstones can be very expensive and add significantly to the cost of the jewel, a plain ring will have no gem cost component on the price tag.  

We would suggest that you do not rush to buy your men's claddagh ring, review the MAN120 Men's Claddagh Ring Report and get to know more about the jewel. Once you have all the information related to prices and options, proceed to confirm the order. It is always a good idea to begin your search for a wedding ring well in advance of the required date. A custom ring can include all your preferences and is bound to be the jewel of your dreams. Having said that, the actual making of a custom made claddagh ring does require sufficient time.