Pink Sapphire Gems


Pink Sapphire, Looking Pretty In Pink

Think of sapphires and you will most likely imagine them being blue. This is quite normal because, it was thought for many centuries that all sapphires are blue. This thought was set deeply in the minds of people, so much so that, most blue gemstones including blue lapis were often referred to as 'sapphire'. We now know that this gorgeous gem is found in a wide spectrum of colors, pink is just one of those colors. The phrase 'pretty in pink' is perfectly applicable to pink sapphires, the gems are gorgeous, durable and extremely long lasting. When choosing a pink sapphire ring, keep the possibility of combining the gem with various gold colors in mind. Style savvy jewelry buyers today give importance to color, this is being seen even in bridal jewels. The same design concept and the same pink sapphire gems, when set in yellow, white or pink gold would reveal a totally different mood and appeal.

pink sapphire ring
white gold pink sapphire gemstone ring

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September, so should it always be blue sapphire to celebrate a September birthday. Experts at Kaisilver are of the opinion that, all sapphire colors and not just blue could be worn as birthstones. The origin of the tradition of birthstones began with the breastplate of the high priest Aaron. Scientific knowledge about minerals, crystals and gems in those days was unheard of. The presumption that all sapphires are blue was quite justified in those days, things are different today. In ancient times the Persians believed that, the  earth rested on a blue sapphire. They put forward the theory that, the reflection of the sapphire is what gave us the sky and stars. The interesting thing is that, most experts today believe that the Persians were actually talking about blue lapis but, had wrongly identified the stone as sapphire. Advanced testing and scientific research has today been able to clear most misunderstandings related to gems and minerals. A sapphire is a sapphire no matter in which color it is found, so every sapphire should qualify as a September birthstone. 

The color of pink sapphires can range from a fairly pale pink to a much darker purplish-pink, we would recommend that you choose a mid range pink color for this gemstone. Such a gem would look awesome on any skin color and the metal color will always pair well too. The RG224PS Pink Sapphire Ring, is shown with medium pink color sapphires, this jewel is custom made in gold or 925 silver. If you order a pink sapphire and diamond gold ring, you can pick white, yellow or rose (pink) gold in 14k or 18k gold. 

Pink Sapphire Gemstone Highlights:

  • In ancient times, it was never known that sapphires can be found in colors other than blue.
  • Pink sapphires look gorgeous, they are also very durable and easy to look after.
  • Medium pink color sapphire gemstones, look good on all skin colors and complexions. 
  • In our opinion, sapphires in all colors can be worn to celebrate a September birthday. 
  • Kaisilver can custom make your pink sapphire ring in silver or gold andin any design. 

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