Cladagh Ring With Gemstone


Gemstone Cladagh Ring

If you have ever heard about the historic cladagh ring, you would know the Kaisilver is acclaimed as the finest source for high end cladagh rings. We talk about the significance of the gemstone in Kaisilver cladagh rings. For those of you wish to know all about the cladagh ring, can read the complete report - link provided at the end of this report. Before we talk more about the gemstone in the cladagh ring, you should know that the first cladagh ring made about four centuries ago, was a gold ring with no gemstone. 

jade claddagh ring
moonstone claddagh ring

At the very basic level the heart shaped gemstone in the cladagh ring depicts love and affection. The practice of adorning a cladagh ring with a gem was initiated by Kaisilver. The original cladagh ring made by an Irish slave 4 centuries ago, did not have a gemstone. The ring was crafted entirely in gold with a gold heart etched in the center.

mens gemstone cladagh ring
mens claddagh ring

With inputs from a thorough study conducted by Kaisilver experts, the ring was designed to retain the complete meaning and significance of the first cladagh ring. Gem and style experts concluded that, adding heart shaped gem in the center of the ring, would not only add to the beauty of the jewel but also enhance its meaning. Being networked to most gem mining and cutting centers across the globe, Kaisilver places no limit on your choice of gemstone. 

claddagh garnet ring
gem stone claddagh ring gold or silver

When choosing a gemstone cladagh ring, give attention to the gem being ordered. At the very basic level, you would ideally go for a natural gem for your cladagh ring. At Kaisilver each gem is procured directly from the miners, after multiple inspections by our gem experts - the gem is custom by skilled gem cutters. The gem is then sent to an independent testing lab to be authenticated. The gemstone in your gold or silver cladagh ring would have a certificate specifically for that gemstone. And if you wish to for a lab created (man made) gem rather than a natural gemstone, let us know and we will work on the requirement together. We will require an email for the record from you, this would explicitly confirm that you are ordering a ring with a lab created gemstone. 

pink tourmaline gemstone cladagh ring
gemstone cladagh ring citrine

Gem Selection For Kaisilver Cladagh Ring:

  • 7mm heart (women's cladagh ring). 8-9mm heart (men's ring). 
  • Kaisilver places no restriction on the gem selection. 
  • Each gem is natural and certified, custom cut by highly skilled gem artisans. 
  • You could choose your cladagh gem, based on gem color of your favorite gemstone. 
  • Order a gorgeous birthstone cladagh ring, with your birthstone. 
  • A pair of cladagh engagement rings, exchange birthstones to add meaning. 

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