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Are White Gold Rings For Men Durable 

Casual jewelry buyers are often confused about various gold colors. There are three gold colors that are suitable for making jewelry - white, yellow and pink (rose). When it comes to men's rings, yellow has always been the most popular choice. Things changed in recent years when men became more conscious about what they wear. The demand for men's white gold rings spiked and continues to surge. It would not be wrong to say that, men are no strangers to white metals. Sterling silver with its classic look and affordable price, has always been a favorite with men. Coming to the essence of this report, are white gold rings for men, durable enough for regular wear. Is white gold as tough as yellow or rose gold. 

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10k 14k 18k white gold men's ring

Gold in its natural form is always yellow, the more important thing is that, pure gold is too soft to be made into durable jewelry. The metal needs to be alloyed along with other metals to make it harder. The 'other' metals can not only harden the gold alloy but, also be used to deliver different colors of gold. When pale metal colors like palladium are added to yellow gold, the alloy takes on a very pale color. This after special surface treatments gives white gold. Rose or pink gold is got by adding copper to yellow gold. 

So you now know how the metal for a men's white gold ring is derived, what about metal hardness. As the proportion of the 'other'  metals increases in the gold alloy, so does the hardness of the resulting alloy. Gold alloy standards exist to precisely define the proportion of gold and 'other' metals in an alloy. 

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men's white gold claddagh ring

Just how durable a men's white gold ring is would depend on the proportion of gold and other metals in the alloy. This brings us to the topic of 10k, 14k and 18k white gold rings. What you should remember is that,  the proportions of gold and other metals is defined by these standards, it remains the same irrespective of gold color. 10k gold is harder than 14k gold, which in turn is harder than 18k gold. The cost of the gold alloy also moves up as the 'k' number of the alloy increases. Kaisilver, the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand recommends, 14k white, yellow or rose gold for men's rings. This is the gold alloy that strikes the right equation between, metal hardness and gold content. Once you have understood the contents of the report explained so far, the final decision is entirely yours. 

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While it is true that this report is dedicated to explaining about the durability of men's 10k 14k and 18k white gold rings, you should know that, it is not just the gold in a jewel that decides durability. The design, workmanship and metal weight will together, define just how long lasting a jewel would be. Men have been leaning towards gemstone rings in recent years, the toughness and hardness of the gemstone will also influence the durability of a men's ring. Having said that, there is one golden rule related to jewelry and gemstones. Never expose your gems or jewelry to physical impact, extreme heat, strong chemicals or detergents. As an example, you should not be wearing your men's white gold ring as you repair the fence.  

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