Cycling In Thailand, Safety


Cycling In Bangkok, Thailand - Safety

There is a growing interest in outdoor recreational activities in Thailand, cycling is one outdoor activity that has picked momentum in recent years. Bicycle riding in Bangkok or Thailand can be a thrilling experience but, the lurking dangers on the road cannot be ignored. After all we are referring to a nation that ranks very high in terms of fatal road accidents. The growing number of automobiles release hundreds of new drivers into the streets each year. When talking about the safety factor related to riding bicycles in Thailand or Bangkok, we will need to keep out well organized riding events.

Though the main narrative for this report on cycling safely relates to Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand, many of the tips and suggestions provided, will be applicable everywhere - no matter where you cycle on the streets and roads. Regarding cyclists following traffic signals and riding on the footpaths, it will be important to study local rules and regulations. 

cycling on the streets, safety
cycling safely on the roads, tips

You surely will not need to bother about traffic accidents if, you happen to be biking or racing on a designated race track. We are talking about riding a bicycle on Bangkok streets or streets in other parts of Thailand, this could be as one lone rider or as a small or large group. You will need to be cautious and always be on the defensive, don't presume that car and truck drivers will follow rules and conventions. Dozens of underage students drive cars without going through any training, these below age drivers do not have a valid driving license either. Read the suggestions below and make sure that you keep them in mind, suggest the link to your friends if you feel that the information would be useful to them. 

Suggestions And Tips, Cycling In Thailand:

  • Try to avoid roads and streets that are not familiar to you, study routes if necessary. 
  • Bad light conditions, fog and rain add to the possibility of road accidents. 
  • Always wear an helmet, small mishaps can become dangerous without a helmet. 
  • Bright clothes and lights can make other drivers on the road notice you.
  • Be defensive rider, do not get into arguments and altercations on the road.
  • Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle or re-hydrating drink with you. 
  • Never drive any vehicle big or small when drowsy or even mildly intoxicated. 
  • Stop and take rest of you feel tired or drowsy, get off the road and relax. 
  • You should follow all road driving conventions, do not take any chances. 
  • Do not presume that everyone else will follow conventions and regulations. 
  • Watch out for vehicles coming out from small lanes and alleys.
  • Leaving your bicycle unattended can cause it to be stolen. 
  • Reading smartphone messages or answering phone calls can be the cause of accidents. 
  • Bicycling with a group of friends can be a safer and more enjoyable adventure. 
  • Try to have a cyclist from the locality ride with you, this enhances the level of safety. 

A series of highly promoted and well organized bike riding trips in recent years have,  raised the interest in cycling in Thailand. People of all ages, genders and occupations have taken to bicycle riding in a big way. While the national and local governments are earnestly working to implement measures that, make cycling in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand safer, a change in attitude will take some time to happen. And if you happen to be an expat visitor to Thailand, it is always useful to have a comprehensive insurance policy covering, health and accidents! Some of the major insurance companies in Thailand, allow you to buy your insurance policy online - this generally for accidents and health. 

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