Oats Is Healthy


Health Benefits Of Oats

We all know that oats is high in fiber but, this favorite breakfast cereal packs a number of health benefits. Rolled oats is whole grain oats that has been flattened, it also happens to be the most popular form of oats. In this report we briefly touch upon the various health benefits of oats. 

health and oats

Improves Digestion: Oats has a high content of fiber, this helps improve digestion and relieves problems like bloating and constipation. You could have oats for breakfast or include it in a regular lunch or dinner plan. 

Regulates Cholesterol: We just mentioned that, oats contains a significant amount of fiber and most of us are aware that fiber does some great things to your body. The fiber in oats is classified as a 'soluble fiber' and this is something truly awesome. The fiber in oats known as beta-glucan, works to trap LDL (bad) cholesterol. Beta-glucan pulls out cholesterol before it enters the bloodstream. The good cholesterol (HDL) numbers remain unaffected. 

Sugar Control: Oats does contain carbohydrates but, like many whole grains these are complex carbohydrates. While processed carbohydrates cause an instant surge in blood sugar levels, the complex carbohydrates in oats causes a slow sugar release. The absence of quick spikes and abrupt drops in blood sugar levels, is good for health. 

Other Benefits: As medical experts come up with some amazing health benefits related to oats, research is an ongoing process. Initial reports suggest regular consumption of oats can reduce the chances of getting colon cancer. The role of oats in regulating blood pressure is at the focus of many research projects. Oats keeps you feeling full for a longer time, this reduces the urge to eat frequently between meals. This makes oats a great option for people looking to control their weight.

As you work to improve your general health or focus on any specific health improvement, make sure that you incorporate effective changes in your lifestyle. Food is just one of the factors that will have an impact on your health, other components like exercise, sufficient sleep and controlling mental stress will also need to be addressed. Claddagh365 has published the Health Benefits Of Oats Report with more detailed information on this topic.