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Rings With Gemstones 

No doubt that rings existed long before the idea of gemstones came in. Ancient rings were often made with wood, crude pieces of metals and as some historians suggest - even dried grass and weed. As humans realized that, there were a number of minerals and crystals that on rare occasions appeared very colorful and pretty, the idea of gemstones was born. Rings with gems are extremely popular today, in fact you will come across far fewer plain rings with no gems than, rings with gemstones. And gemstone rings are popular with both men and women. Most of us would have heard of gold and silver rings with ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds. While these gems are truly all time greats and continue to attract considerable attention even today - the treasure chest of natural gemstones is far bigger. In this report we will talk about a host of gemstones and also, let you feast your senses on some stunning gemstone rings. Crafted by the leading custom jewelry provider Kaisilver, these gem rings are sure to impress you. 

ring with green gemstone

A square gemstone ring, shown here a green tourmaline gold ring. Go for a 14k, 18k or 10k ring with the gemstone of your choice. A silver gem ring would have the same premium quality standards. The sleek design for this gem ring is supported by an optimized metal weight, this ensures durability and comfort. We can also craft a gemstone ring for you with your own design concept ... more.  

gemstone ring for man

A handsome and reliable man gemstone ring, all three gemstones in this ring for men can be selected by you. The ring is shown with a sapphire gem in the center, flanked by a rubelite gemstone on either side. Go for the gem combination of your choice, handcrafted in gold or 925 silver in all sizes. Your gem ring can be made with a design provided by you. A very durable and heavy ring ... more

The price and color of gemstones shows large variations, this is also applicable to hardness and durability. Just keep in mind that we are talking about rings with natural (not artificial or imitation) gemstones. Until recently jewelry buyers picked gemstones, based on their budget and general looks - this has changed in the past few years. Knowledge about gems has increased, this has led to a wide range of gems being seen in gemstone rings. Buyers often pick gems based on the background or history of the gemstone - customs and traditions also play an active part. For example diamond rings are taken to symbolize love, faithfulness and truth - these are ancient beliefs at a time when, only white diamonds were known. The existence of colored diamonds was unearthed closer to our time. While some experts might disagree with including diamonds in the gemstone group, we will consider them to be one group for our discussion. 

cat ring silver gem stone

Gem stone rings with good workmanship and natural gems need not be expensive. The cat gem stone rings offers a great way, to wear your favorite gem in a cute and gorgeous ring - at a down to earth price. Widely acclaimed as the best rendition of the cat ring, the ring makes a great gift for cat and animal lovers. All gemstone options and available in sterling silver or 10k, 14k or 18k gold ... more

sapphire ring gem stone

A sapphire gemstone ring design that combines, classic and contemporary elements. The gemstones in this ring can be picked by you. If you prefer to have a sapphire ring, consider combining different sapphire colors in the same ring. The fine handwork showcases accent diamonds between the gems. Can be crafted with a tapered band width or as a gem stone band ring, in all sizes ... more.

When choosing rings in silver or gold with gems, it is quite common for buyers to pick gems based on their color. If you browse through these Colored Gemstone Ring collection, you would notice that rubies and garnets are red, similarly, blue gems can include sapphire, blue topaz, aquamarine, blue lapis etc. When it comes to rings with red gems, ruby is undoubtedly the most popular choice but, the red gemstone also happens to be quite expensive. A few other options for a red gem would be ruby, red spinel, rubelite (tourmaline) and garnet. Prices of these gems are extremely varied, it therefore helps to have a wider knowledge about gems when browsing around. This is obviously not something easy to do for a casual jewelry lover, the other option would be to work with a reputed jewelry provider who is willing to guide you. While the Kai Silver team is made up of experts from every segment of the gems and jewelry industry, we are surely not the only knowledgeable jewelers around! Unfortunately, extremely few jewelers care or dare to explain facts and options to prospective clients. So be careful when you choose a jeweler to work with. 

aquamarine gemstone ring diamond

Capturing the beauty and serenity of the oceans, pastel blue aquamarine is the perfect gemstone ring for casual or formal wear. As a birthstone ring it Aquamarine is the March birthstone and symbolizes peace and harmony. You could order this gold or silver gem ring, with any gem of your choice. The ring flaunts natural diamonds around the center gem and the sides of the ring - in all sizes ... more

men's ruby gemstone ring

A great example of how a moderately sized gemstone can deliver, a men's ring with a big bold look. With a minimum metal (gold or silver) weight of 25 grams, this ruby ring for men is luxurious and tough. A diamond is set on either side of the center oval ruby gemstone. Given the high price point of rubies, it is a good idea to design ruby gem rings with gems that are not very large ... more

A few notes on ruby gemstone rings, these gorgeous jewels are generally priced in the upper price category. A ruby engagement ring is considered to be one of the best options for such a special occasion. The red gem symbolizes love and affection, crystal healers claim that ruby has a unique ability to deliver power and confidence to its wearer. When we talk about bridal rings, it is surely not just ruby and sapphire but a much wider spectrum of spectacular gems that make an appearance. If you have specific interest in an engagement or wedding ring with a ruby gem, the RG138 Ruby Diamond Ring deserves a close look. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, it hard and durable and is a close cousin of sapphire. Names like ruby, sapphire and emerald, relate to the gems and jewelry industry. Geological experts would refer to these  stones by the mineral that they come from. Both ruby and sapphire come from the corundum mineral family. While the mineral is not exactly rare, gem quality corundum with a medium to good grade quality rating is very rare. You can review the Ruby Ring Collection and feel the quality of design, workmanship and gemstones that Kai Silver offers. 

diamond band

Diamond band rings offer an excellent way to wear the glittering stone. Offering natural diamonds we can also accommodate requests for, synthetic (lab) diamonds on specific request. Diamond ring designs, are often relevant when looking for moderately priced gold or silver rings with expensive gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, demantoid, tanzanite etc. High end custom rings ... more

rings with many gems multiple gemstones

A ring with many gems offers an excellent way to make a statement - not just about style but meaning and symbolism too. Besides delivering a family birthstone ring, rings with multiple gemstones can also deliver a unique splash of color and sparkle. The RG133 ring combines a classic antique design with the finest workmanship of Thailand's finest artisans. All gemstone combinations  ... more

It might seem that men would not care much for red gemstones, the color is often linked to women's clothes, jewelry and shoes. While men's red trousers and shoes are not all that common - ruby the amazing red gemstone is an exception. Both men and women, love ruby jewelry and rings with ruby gems are an absolute favorite. Think about men's rings and you will conjure up ideas of big rings with chunky gems. This in keeping with the preference men have for bigger jewelry and bigger watches. When it comes to gemstone rings for men with ruby, it would take some innovative designing and expert gem procurement to make the ring durable, appear handsome - this without putting the price tag beyond the reach of most budgets. The idea is to design a men's ring with a moderately sized gem and then include, elements like diamond accents. And even with all that effort, do not expect to find a good ruby gemstone ring that is cheaply priced. The price of most gems is piled with middlemen fees and profits, this is not the case with Kaisilver. By keeping a direct contact with major mining and cutting operations all over the world, we get the first look at gemstones even before they enter the markets. The gems are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested, before bringing them to our workshop where, each piece is immaculately custom cut. No middlemen and no broker fees, we always come up with the best gemstone at each price point - this is true of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite and all other gemstones. If you are in the market for a men's ruby gemstone ring, you surely want to get a fair idea of what to go for. Our experts have showcased an exclusive collection of Men's Rings Ruby for you to preview. Just remember that, you could pick any jewel from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver with any gemstone of your choice. We can also custom make a men's ruby gem ring or a ring with any other gem - with a design provided by you. 

silver gem stone ring

A rare star sapphire gem for this classic gold or silver ring. The ring also has two pear shaped gems on either side of the oval start sapphire gemstone. The antique look of this ring makes it a perfect choice for both casual and formal wear. Also great for a mother's ring. All 3 gems in this ring can be selected by you. Fine craftsmanship, in all ring sizes and advanced durability features ... more.  

gem stone ring men's

Gem stone ring for men can be simple and stylish or include a splash of natural colored gems and make a fashion statement - in superb style. Men have started to love gemstone rings but, it is important to design and craft these rings to be durable and long lasting. An unlimited choice of gems from Kai Silver coupled with, no restrictions on gem combinations or design - make us the preferred source ... more

It is the convention to talk about ruby and sapphire together! We move out of the beaten track and talk about, another very popular gemstone for rings before talking about sapphire - citrine. The November birthstone citrine is a yellow variety of quartz (mineral). Citrine gemstone rings are awesome but, many gem lovers wear them for ancient customs and beliefs. Citrine is said to draw its power from the sun, the gemstone spreads brightness and hope. As compared to ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, tanzanite and a few other gemstones, citrine is surprisingly affordable. Men's citrine rings are often ordered in sterling silver, this is absolutely no problem as Kai Silver offers the same premium standards for gold and silver jewelry. You will find citrine gems in a range of fancy shapes, this because of the modest price of the yellow gem. This Men's Citrine Ring is shown with a barrel shaped citrine gemstone. And since citrine can be found in large sizes, you might want to pick any men's ring design from our Big Ring Collection, and request for it to be crafted with a big citrine gem. And if you are looking to wear the brightness of citrine in a women's gem stone ring, no better ring to recommend than the Claddagh Citrine Ring.  

gem ring blue sapphire pink

Gem rings with sapphire are more versatile than you can imagine. Silver or gold sapphire gemstone rings can be ordered online from Kaisilver Thailand. Besides getting an unlimited choice of ring designs (yours or ours),  we let you choose from the entire color spectrum that sapphires are found in.  Gem rings can be ordered with blue, white, green, yellow, pink, orange or purple sapphires ... more

With its close association with nature, green has universal appeal - across religions, nationalities, race and gender. Men's gem stone rings gained tremendous popularity around a decade ago when, Kaisilver unveiled the first collection of high end men's rings. Here is a report on green gem options for men's rings. We also explain durability and pricing for a range of green gems ... more

As promised we now cover sapphire gemstone rings, the gemstone that was for centuries to be found in just one single color - blue. The Persians had for a long time presumed that all blue 'stones' were sapphire. Their explanation that the, earth rested on a huge blue sapphire! They talked about the blue color of the gemstone reflecting upwards and forming the sky. There was also mention about white specks in the stone, reflecting and forming the stars. Closer to our time gem experts confirmed that, the 'sapphire' that the Persians were referring to was another pretty blue gem - Lapis Lazuli! Science has confirmed the existence of sapphires in a dazzling array of colors, when you order your sapphire ring from Kaisilver - you have the option to choose any of the sapphire colors bestowed on us by nature. Just to let you know that sapphire can be white, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange or blue - you also have various color shades in those colors. 

Sapphire like ruby is rare, highly sought after, very sturdy and expensive! The RG224 Pink Sapphire Ring is a classy jewel that, adds a dose of pink and the glitter of diamonds all in a nature inspired design - the flower design. You could order the same gem stone ring in any of the sapphire colors, do not hesitate to combine different sapphire gemstones in the same ring. While you might find that most gemstone rings with sapphire are crafted in gold, the gemstone would be perfect in gold or 925 silver. 

No report on sapphire rings can be completed without talking about, men's gemstone rings with sapphire. Much like ruby, sapphire has a sizeable  following among men too. Sapphire gemstone colors that are popular in men's sapphire rings are - yellow, blue and to a certain extent white. Since both ruby and sapphire command premium prices and larger sizes, see an exponential increase in price per carat - it is important for sapphire gem rings for men, to be designed to accommodate modestly sized gems. Men's rings are generally preferred in larger dimensions and (finger) ring sizes can also be quite big, this brings in the issue of metal weight and the cost component of the metal. A typical men's ring from Kaisilver can have a minimum metal weight of 25 grams, the MAN135 Sapphire Ring For Men weighs in the 25 to 30 grams range. A bigger ring size of around 12 to 15 US, could push the metal weight requirement to over 30 grams. The price tag is something that needs to be kept in mind when budgeting for sapphire gold rings. You can of course order your sapphire men's ring in silver and get the same high end finish and craftsmanship as the gold ring. 

ruby gemstone

Delivering true value for a ruby gemstone ring is important, most jewelers flood the price tag with high profit margins and multiple broker and agent fees. When choosing a gold or 925 silver gem ring with ruby for men or women, make sure that you understand all the aspects involved. It is all about getting maximum material value for what you pay. Check out this informative report ... more

white gold rings for men

Gemstone gold rings can be crafted in white, yellow or pink gold - you also have a choice of 10k, 14k or 18k gold to choose from. It is a good idea to consider the gem stone color when, choosing gold color, for rings with gems. This applies to gold rings for men and women. This report provides excellent information regarding white gold rings for men. All about gem color in white gold jewels ... more

You might have come across many Kaisilver reports mentioning that, jewelry buyers often choose gems based on beliefs and traditions - we talk about one such case. Birthstone rings are basically gemstone rings, with specific gems set in them. Birthstone charts list one or more gemstone against each of the 12 months in the year - these are defined as birthstones for the month. The concept of birthstones began with the breastplate worn by Aaron - the High Priest of the Jews. There were 12 stones stitched into the breastplate, the gems got linked to the 12 zodiac signs a few centuries later. And when the 12 month calendar was defined, it became convenient to mark birthstones based on the months in the year. The belief is that wearing a gem that is your birthstone in a ring or other jewel, brings good things your way. A birthstone is often believed to have the power to chase away bad luck and evil. There is no specific design that is meant to be worn as a birthstone ring, you could choose any of the rings on our websites and request for it to be crafted with your birthstone. As an example January Birthstone Rings, would have garnets set in them - this because garnet is the birthstone for the month of January. We have provided the highly referred to Kaisilver Birthstone Chart, lower down in this report for your reference. 

birthstone chart

Kaisilver gemstone experts could go on an on when talking about gemstone rings, simply put this report would never end. We have covered some very well known gemstones in this report. There are undoubtedly many more left that were never mentioned, we promise to make those a part of another report in the near future. And in the meantime if you have any questions related to any gemstone or in fact, questions  related to any aspect of gems and jewelry - feel free to contact the team of experts at sales@kaisilver.com . We will be glad to help even if, you intend to buy nothing from us. 

How To Buy: Each item shown on this page has a link to a complete report. While we provide an unmatched degree of detail, suggestions and options - we encourage you to communicate with our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com and discuss your requirements. We can also craft a ring or any other jewel, based on your own design idea or specifications. Gemstone selection is not restricted to what is mentioned on our websites, with preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems - you can request for just about any gem that you fancy. 

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BUYER FEEDBACK: I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with the ring I ordered from you. The anxiety I felt due to the delay in receiving it it due to the flooding in your country last fall was immediately relieved when I saw it. I burst into tears in joy. It is absolutely beautiful and I could not ask for more. All the custom aspects I requested were completed with perfection. It was more fabulous than I had dreamed. Thank you so very much! Sincerely, Laura Kennedy ... more