Garlic Is Good For The Heart


Is Garlic Good For The Heart

Besides being used to flavor food for thousands of years, humans have recognized the medicinal properties of garlic for just as long. Modern life is about sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy junk food and near chronic stress. The heart is one of the most vital organs in the human body, it is also sensitive to  what we do, feel and eat. Heart disorders can manifest themselves in a number of ways, high blood pressure, chronic mental stress, unhealthy fat accumulation can all lead to heart disease. 

People are constantly on the lookout for nature based options to lower the risk of getting hard disease. Food ingredients and supplements that will reduce the problems that can lead too  heart disease are also being sought after. The big question on everyone's mind is whether, garlic is good for the heart. The main indicators that need to be monitored are blood pressure, clogged and hardened arteries and high cholesterol. 

The great divide between conventional medicines and nature based options, will never narrow down. Having said that, research into both types of medicines is going on at a hectic pace. Back to garlic and the heart, we now know that regularly eating garlic can relieve some of the problems that, could lead to heart disease. Keep in mind that what you read in this report is not meant to replace, the advice of a professional medical adviser. However we would strongly suggest that, you discuss the information revealed here with your doctor. It might just be possible to treat a part or the whole, of any related problems that you are being treated for.  

Cholesterol: You would be aware that doctors monitor LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) in  the bloodstream. Some studies have shown that eating garlic actually lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood. If you have very high numbers, garlic alone might not be enough to rectify the problem and take you off conventional medications. Having said that, it would be very beneficial if , you could get some degree of benefit from garlic and lower the dosage of your regular medication. Just to remind you, try nothing on your own and make sure that you discuss your plan with your doctor. You could say that garlic improves heart health if, it can improve blood cholesterol levels.

Hardened And Clogged Arteries: Unhealthy arteries happen to be the single most common cause of heart attack and stroke. Researchers have not given the final word but, the initial findings are encouraging. Eating garlic has often led to the slow down of hardened arteries. Atherosclerosis is the medical term for hardened arteries. Scientists believe that the ingredients present in garlic can help to clear up clogged arteries. Another school of thought is that, the sulfur present in garlic gets converted to sulfur dioxide by drawing oxygen from the blood. This helps in  dilating blood vessels, which in turn improves the blood circulation to the heart and lungs. We will once again like to emphasis that, the artery problems mentioned here are very serious and should be treated only by a medical professional. Do not alter the medications or dosage prescribed by your doctor, it might be a good idea to discuss the possibility eating garlic to improve your condition. 

Blood Thinning: With research done so far, there is every indication that garlic works as a blood thinner. Improved blood flow and the reduction or elimination of plaque formation, are the benefits of blood that is not thick. Most patients who are put on medications to lower cholesterol levels, are also given another medication to thin the blood. Easy blood flow improves oxygen supply to vital organs including the heart, it also makes the blood pumping function of the heart much easier. People being treated for cholesterol related issues or being given blood thinning medications, should not begin regular consumption of garlic or garlic supplements, without discussing their plans with the doctor. 

Improved Overall Health: Garlic has been known to improve immunity and overall health, this in turn can help to prevent many diseases. With an improvement in overall health, it is expected that a person will feel more energetic and encouraged to increase physical activity. This in turn can lead to a healthier lifestyle something that is bound to keep your heart running more efficiently. 

Important Notes: If you have read the complete report presented above, you would have noticed our repeated suggestion to discuss things with your doctor. Anyone on a taking a prescribed medication to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels or as a blood thinner - should not undertake a regular plan to consume garlic on their own. Make sure that your medical adviser is aware of what is being planned. If you happen to be going for a small or major surgery or for some major dental work, keep the doctor informed of your garlic consumption. Pregnant women should also take their doctor's advice before beginning a planned and regular consumption of garlic. 

Natural Or Supplements: Ideally it would be a great idea to include fresh or dried garlic in your diet. A single clove weighing about 3 to 4 grams is what you should be aiming for. Garlic supplements are obviously more concentrated in terms of dosage. This can pose a problem as you could easily overdose yourself, medical advice might be the right way to go. 


We do hope that you have found this report explaining the benefits of garlic to be useful. The information is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If garlic as an ingredient to improve general health seems interesting, confirm the above information with your doctor and move ahead. You can safely include garlic as an ingredient in your cooking plans. This information has been compiled by the Kaisilver team and is published, for public benefit. We are not connected to the food or medical industry and our core business, relates to high end custom jewelry. All types of jewelry expertly crafted is shipped across the globe. Email us at if you have any questions or queries related to gems and jewelry. We will lbe glad to help even if, you do not plan to make a purchase from us.  

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