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Men's Jewelry Green Gems 

You don't see much of men's green shoes and trousers and shirts in this color are carefully picked. But talk about green gemstones and most men are open to wearing just about any green hue and saturation. Jewelry can symbolize style and status but, jewelry with green stones adds character and energy to the personality. Men can pick the gemstone that makes them feel good but, some knowledge about various gems can be very useful. In this report we discuss various green gemstones that are suitable for men's jewelry. 

men's emerald gemstone ring
green jade stone ring men's

Emerald: Ruby, sapphire and emerald are rated as the most desirable and valuable gemstones of all time. Besides being rare, these 3 gemstones are also quite expensive, they also happen to be listed on the birthstone charts. Emerald is a green variety of beryl, it is the birthstone for the month of May. Emerald rings for men are popular, the high price tags for these rings do not seem to deter buyers. It is very important to understand a few characteristics about emerald. This gem is almost never void of internal inclusions and minor fissures, the concept of an eye clean emerald is really a myth unless, you go for a very small gemstone. Men's jewelry with this green gem needs to be worn and cleaned with care, this is interesting because the high price does not imply toughness. Emerald like most other gems is priced by weight (per carat) but, the per carat price of the stone shoots up as sizes increase. This can often pose a challenge as men prefer their gemstone rings to have, fairly big gemstones. 

Tourmaline: The main colors in which tourmaline is found are green, pink and a reddish pink (rubelite). As you might have guessed, men's tourmaline is generally ordered with green tourmaline. Most buyers would have liked this green gem to be priced a bit more modestly, but surging demand makes that a distant dream. Green tourmaline is available in a range of green tones and none of these is flashy or too bright. For men's green stone jewelry, choosing tourmaline is a great decision. The gemstone is sturdy, can take good care of itself and can work with far more budgets than emerald can. 

big gemstone ring for men, green tourmaline

Peridot: The brighter and sparkling look of this green gem appeals to the more style conscious male. The gem is not very expensive but peridot from Burma and the Pakistan / Afghanistan region carries a premium price. Both peridot and tourmaline have a character and style of their own but, peridot is generally adaptable to a wider range of budgets. The seasoned gemologist might tell you that peridot is not as tough as tourmaline but, that is really academic. No matter what green gemstone you choose, getting the stone struck by physical force is very risky. Men's green stone jewelry with larger and more exposed gems, should be taken off when doing heavy physical activity.  

Jade: When you talk about green gemstones for men, jade stands apart with an identity of its own. This translucent to opaque gem is found in a few colors but, green has always remained the most desirable color. Jade as we know it basically includes two gems, nephrite and jadeite. Commercially it is jadeite that carries a higher price and this stone is mined only in Burma. The finest green jade can command prices that equal that of diamond, very few buyers are willing to pay such amounts. The rest of the jade is normally dyed to get a better look but, serious gem lovers really don't care much for dyed jade. Kaisilver is the preferred source for untreated Burmese jadeite at moderate prices. We procure jadeite from mining operations and custom cut the rough in house, this ensures that the stone is not put through any form of treatment. Having said that, we can also source higher quality jade from the mining locations, just let us know what you need. 

green gemstone band for men tourmaline
men's gold ring with gemstone peridot

Other Green Gems: While men's jewelry with the above green gemstones might be popular, the world of gemstones is home to a few other green stones too. Malachite an opaque green gem has some interesting wavy lines, these lines are often dark and sometimes black. The garnet family of gems boasts of some very rare and expensive green gems - demantoid and tsavorite most of the stones that are mined have a fairly small size. Chrysoprase can be confused for jade, men's green stone rings with this gem can be quite affordable. Bloodstone is a dark green gemstone and opaque, you will find small red specs or patches on this gem. Ancient beliefs claim that the red patches are the blood of Lord Christ, according to them a piece of bloodstone lay at the foot of Jesus as he was nailed to the cross. Should you need a green stone not mentioned in this report, the experts at Kaisilver will be glad to source it for your custom made jewelry order. 

Green Birthstones: Many of us believe in the centuries old tradition of birthstones. Historians are quite sure that the concept of birthstones originated from the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest of the Israeli tribes. The birthstone charts assign one (or more) gemstone to each month, this stone is the birthstone for that month. It is believed that wearing a birthstone brings good health and fortune. The months of May and August are represented by two different green gemstones. Men born in the month of May, have emerald one of the most valuable green gems, as their birthstone. And if you wanted to wear a men's birthstone ring to celebrate the month of August, you would choose peridot as it happens to be the birthstone for the month. January and September are of special interest. Red garnet is well accepted as the birthstone for the month of January. The stone was designated as the January birthstone at a time when, technical knowledge about gems was very low. It was presumed that all garnets are red, in modern times this has proved to be wrong. Since we now know, that demantoid and tsavorite are two types of green garnets, it seems fine to wear any of these as a January birthstone. September is lucky to have the spectacular sapphire as its birthstone, blue sapphire is generally worn to celebrate a September birthday. We are now aware of a gorgeous bunch of colors that exist in the sapphire family of these, green sapphire is likely to impress men. 

Kaisilver: With more than 50 of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and craftsmen backed by a team of talented designers and an unmatched gem procurement team, we craft fine custom jewelry in gold or 925 silver. In a world by customers are being brainwashed into believing that, instant purchasing online with little or incomplete production information is fine, we at Kai Silver believe in informing and educating prospective buyers. The decision to buy and where to buy from is yours. The Kaisilver Men's Green Stone Rings Report, is a great place to begin your search for a quality men's ring. Since all our jewelry is fully custom made, you could pick any ring from our Men's Ring Collection and request for it, to be made with any green gem of your choice. We place no restriction on gemstone or design, you could even email us at with your own design images and sketches to be custom made.