Claddagh Ring For Men


Is A Heart Ring Suitable For A Man

Most of us know well that almost all heart rings are worn by women. This is quite interesting because the heart motif symbolizes love and love is really not restricted to any specific gender. There is a ring that was first made centuries ago, it depicts a heart in the center and two hands holding the heart. A crown rests on the heart. Some people refer to it as the hearts and hands ring or the hands clasping the hands ring. The right name for this ancient jewel is the 'claddagh ring'.

The ring is generally regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history, the jewel has a touching story behind it. The hands, heart and crown in the claddagh ring hold the true meaning of the jewel. Claddagh365 crafts fine claddagh rings for men and women, these rings have all the features of the first ring made centuries ago. Since it is the features of the ring that are important, the men's and women's rings have the same features. The men's claddagh ring has larger dimensions, the overall design is clearly masculine. Besides being smaller in dimensions, the women's claddagh ring is also crafted with more dainty looking hands and fingers. The ring can be had with or without the center gemstone, there is no limitation on gem selection. 

Let us briefly narrate the history of the claddagh ring here. Around 4 centuries ago, there lived an Irish fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce. The young man lived in a pretty fishing village named Claddagh. One day when he was sailing on the high seas with his friends, the boat was attacked by pirates. The occupants on the captured boat were sold as slaves, Robert ended up working for his master, a wealthy goldsmith.

As the days passed by, the young man kept thinking of his beloved. The pretty lady lived in the same claddagh village, the thought of being separated from her soon became unbearable. To enable himself stay in a positive frame of mind, Robert decided to make something for his beloved. He hoped of giving it to her when he was freed from slavery. He began making a ring for her, his newly acquired skills helped him to work on the jewel. A few years later, Robert Joyce was freed from slavery. He rushed back to his village and searched for his beloved, the young man was overjoyed to see that the young lady was still waiting for him. He gave her the ring and the couple were soon married, they set up home and family in the same village. 

The ring came to be known as the claddagh ring, people gradually learnt of the touching story. They soon realized that the features of the ring, were meant to express his (Robert's) true feelings for his beloved. The heart symbolized love, the crown signified his loyalty towards here and the hands implied togetherness. The ring has today become a symbol of true love. A men's claddagh ring can be worn everyday but, it would also make an awesome wedding ring. The Claddagh365 Men's Claddagh Ring Report, will give you more information on this topic. You will also be introduced to some awesome custom claddagh rings for men. Rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, there is no restriction on gem selection. The men's claddagh ring can also be crafted with no gemstone in the center.