Gold Color For Diamond Ring


Gold Color For Diamond Rings

We all know diamonds as those glittering stones set in gold jewelry. White diamonds dominate all trends as it is these gems that embody the true lure and  brilliance of diamonds. Should you choose yellow or white gold for your diamond ring, this is an interesting question. Jewelry lovers are no longer hardcore fans of any specific gold color, they prefer to assemble all gold colors in their collection. Both yellow and white gold have their own grace, each adds its charm to diamonds. 

white gold diamond ring
yellow gold diamond ring

White gold is about light and brightness, you can see this from the image of the RG180 white gold diamond ring. The diamonds are absorbed into the color of the gold, all you see is glitter and sparkle differentiating the metal from the precious stones. Stylists agree that the stones in a white gold diamond ring blend into the structure and concept of the design. 

Yellow gold as a warm and classic look, it happens to be the natural color of gold. A yellow gold diamond ring allows the stones to stand apart from the design structure of the ring. The gold color defines the form and shape of the ring, the diamonds work to highlight the concept. 

There was a time when men preferred yellow gold for their diamond rings, women loved to wear white gold diamond rings. Things have changed and we live in a time when both men and women, enjoy the elements of color and variations in their jewelry.

One occasion when white gold seems to dominate is in diamond engagement rings. White is associated with sincerity, purity and honesty - a color that seems to symbolize the essence of a matrimonial relationship. Don't forget that the white look for weddings has a long history. White gowns, white shoes, white head dresses and even white table cloths were favored for decades. Things have changed now and couples are more open to color. 

Top Tips: You can pick 10k, 14k or 18k for a yellow or white gold diamond ring. Choose diamonds that are authentic and look good to the naked eye. Don't aim for a large diamond if, you happen to have a modest budget. It is a great idea to have both yellow and white gold diamond rings in your collection. You can email the Kaisilver support team at if you have any queries related to gems and jewelry. 

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