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Engagement Rings With Colored Gems

Diamond engagement rings no longer hold reign, couples are increasing their options by opening up to engagement rings with colored gemstones. Diamonds are still around but are increasingly being designed to play a support role in the form of accent stones. The ability to choose a color gem for your engagement ring is the key to self expression. Both gold and 925 silver gemstone engagement rings, can be had in a dazzling array of gem colors. When you choose to go for an engagement ring with a gem, you enter the amazing world of color, you also end up getting a wider selection of price points to choose from. 

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So which are the gems that are particularly suitable for an engagement ring. Luckily conventions and traditions need not play a part here, you can pick just about any gem for your special ring. If you have a fancy for blue gemstones, your choice would include the all time favorite sapphire but, this is surely not the only blue gem that you could pick. Blue topaz, aquamarine and even blue zircon are worth considering. From the price point of view, expect a sapphire engagement ring to be placed in the higher price category. 

Gem and jewelry buyers are today much more knowledgeable, about gems as compared to a few years ago. Ancestral beliefs and folklore can often influence the selection of a gemstone. For example, sapphire is often associated with truth and consistency, wearing a sapphire engagement ring is therefore preferred by many brides. Sapphire along with ruby is also a very tough and durable gem, it can last for generations with little care and fuss. Though modern science has confirmed the existence of sapphires in many colors, blue sapphire remains the most preferred choice. 

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You might have heard about the sensational tanzanite story. This gem was first found in recent times (1967) decades of searching have yielded one conclusion, that tanzanite is found only in one small patch of land in Tanzania. Wear a tanzanite engagement ring and you can be proud of the rarity of the gem. Experts are agreed on the fact that, tanzanite could be around 1,000 times rarer than diamond. The sole location, rarity and amazing beauty of this violet-blue gem, have fast tracked its path to fame. 

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Ruby engagement rings can be very attractive, red as a color has always been associated with love, faith and loyalty. The high price tag on rubies and sapphires gives them a status value, they are associated with wealth and social standing. In recent years rubies have grown very rare, prices have surged and can strain many budgets. Choosing a ring design that does not rely on large ruby gems, can still bring you a gorgeous ring at a moderate price. 

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We mentioned that the colored gemstone spectrum is wide, it surely extends beyond ruby, sapphire, tanzanite and emeralds. Here are some gem ideas for your engagement ring, work with tourmaline and you will be bestowed with the beauty of green and pink tourmaline, not to forget the deeper reddish pink of rubelite (not to be confused with ruby). Besides aquamarine, you could also consider another beryl mineral gem, the pale pink morganite. You then have the more affordable colored gems like blue topaz, peridot, few gorgeous purple shades of amethyst, red garnet, rhodolite garnet etc. 

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The trend to wear a birthstone engagement ring is strong, this is another reason why gemstones are gaining importance in engagement rings. There is a birthstone attached to each month of the calendar, some months have more than one birthstone related to them. This option brings gems like opal, peridot, zircon, turquoise and even pearl to the world of bridal jewelry. 

Kaisilver: While there are a number of sources for engagement rings, picking Kaisilver will work to your advantage. With absolutely no restrictions on design or gemstones, you can rest assured that you get the engagement ring of your dreams. Besides picking any jewel from our websites and requesting for it to be made in gold or 925 silver, you can also select the gem of your choice and ask for design modifications. And if you wish to have something totally different, send us your sketches or images - we will be glad to custom make the piece for you. The support team at will always be glad to hear from you and provide you with suggestions and advice.