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Gemstone Pendant, Gem Touches Skin

A gemstone pendant can be gorgeous, it can do amazing things to your style statement and give you that amazing appeal. Besides color, looks and glamour, a gemstone pendant can also have a special meaning. It is not uncommon for jewelry lovers to request for one interesting feature. They prefer that the back of the gemstone touches the skin. Kaisilver the leading online custom made jewelry provider, suggests that a custom pendant is the perfect way to go for such a pendant. In this report we will briefly explain why some people prefer to have the gem touch their skin. 

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When shopping for a pendant with a gem, the selection of the stone can based on a number of factors. The beauty and sparkle of colored gems are a great draw, style conscious women love to blend gems and jewelry into their overall look. A green gemstone pendant adds freshness, the pendant makes you feel good. A blue gemstone pendant brings up visions of the calm sea, darker shades of blue add a nice dose of sophistication to your profile. Jewelry buyers often express  a liking to a specific gemstone, in this case it is not just the color that becomes important. 

A significant number of jewelry lovers, believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones. These properties have their roots in traditions that began centuries ago. Centuries ago, it was believed that wearing a green jade gem, would help resolve problems related to the kidney. Many people wear a citrine gemstone pendant today, believing that the gem helps increase wealth and social status. 

The requirement for the gemstone in a pendant to touch the skin stems from this belief in the special properties of gemstones. People believe that, the 'powers' of the gem are enhanced when the stone actually touches any part of the body. In the case of a pendant, this would mean that the gem protrudes from behind. This is best achieved by going for a custom pendant, here are some reasons why. The protrusion of the gem needs to be just sufficient to keep it in contact with the skin, overdoing this can make it uncomfortable to wear the pendant. Most faceted gems will have a pointed tip, this can scratch delicate skin. The right way to do this, would be to custom cut a gemstone to the precise height and a perfectly cut tip at the bottom. Interestingly Kaisilver custom cuts every gem that is set in every custom made jewel. 

Quick Tips: Here are some useful ideas to have a gemstone in a pendant touch the skin. When talking about a gem touching the skin, you could have a gem set on the back of the pendant. Some gems are conventionally cut cabochon, with a flat base, this can pose a challenge when the gemstone is to touch the skin from behind. In this case, you could consider mounting two gems mounted back to back. 

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