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What You Should Know About, Men's Ruby Rings

Rubies appeal to everyone, this irrespective of gender, religion and nationality. Red is the color of power and knowledge, it also symbolizes love and affection. Humans came in contact with ruby several centuries ago, they then began to presume that all red gems are rubies. With centuries of exploration, we have come to a day when rubies are truly rare, this puts pressure on the price. Presuming that you wish to have a natural ruby that is not fissure filled in your men's ring, expect to pay a substantial price for the ring. Unfortunately buying a men's ruby ring is not as simple as, picking a jewel with the highest price tag that you can afford. You really need to ensure that you get true value for what you spend. 

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We will demonstrate what you should know about rubies and men's ruby ring, using the MCR-022 ring as an example. Few jewelers maintain the superior quality standards that are provided by Claddagh365 but, you can use the details in this report to evaluate the ring that you plan to buy. 

Gemstone: Rubies like most gems are priced per carat (weigh unit), large ruby gems are priced at a premium. When it comes to ruby rings for men, gemstone sizes like 9x7mm oval, 7mm round, 9x7mm octagonal or 7mm cushion are recommended. These sizes provide a good combination of stone size and price, you should be fine with medium quality gemstones. We are presuming that you wish to go for a gold or silver ruby ring with a natural gem and not a man made imitation. Gemstone treatments are important and can often be controversial, this is especially relevant when it comes to ruby. A men's gold or silver ruby ring should ideally have a heat treated ruby. While untreated rubies are considered to be even better, the truth is that more than 95% of rubies used in the jewelry industry are heat treated. Heating improves the color and clarity of the gem, it however does not make the ring weaker or unstable. Professional gemstone experts accept the heat treatment applied to rubies. Newer ruby treatments are known to reduce the toughness of the stone, they can also significantly reduce the value of the stone. There is a preference for rubies from Burma but, this is generally based  on personal opinion. It is quite likely that the casual jewelry buyer, will see more beauty and luster in an African ruby as compared to a Burmese ruby. Having said that, the ruby from Burma is likely to carry a premium price tag. Our recommendation for a men's ruby gemstone ring is to focus on gem authenticity, treatment and good appearance. The Claddagh365 men's ruby ring comes with a natural certified ruby gemstone, each gem is carefully inspected by our gemstone experts before being custom cut. 

Metal Weight: Both sterling silver and gold ruby gemstone rings should have a good weight, this should be based on the ring size and dimensions. It is true that a light weight ring would be cheaper but, insufficient metal weight is one of the major reasons for broken, dented and deformed rings. Loose gemstones can often be traced back to insecure mountings caused by, low metal weight. Claddagh365 provides an average metal weight of 20-25 grams for men's rings. This is at least 30-40% more than what most jewelers would provide for a similar ring. We can custom make a men''s ruby ring in the size requested by you, larger ring sizes might require additional metal weight.

Workmanship: It is not just the beauty of a ruby ring that will be influenced by good craftsmanship. Loose gems, sharp edges and uncomfortable rings can all be the result of substandard workmanship. Another important fact is that, the quality of craftsmanship should remain the same  for gold and silver rings. At Calddagh365, skilled artisans and gem cutters work on each ruby men's ring, equally high quality standards are maintained for gold and sterling silver rings. 

Long Lasting: While you should never allow your jewels to be struck by physical force or come into contact with strong chemicals and acids, the features of the ring will impact the durability of the piece. Ruby is a hard and sturdy gem, it is unlikely that the gemstone in a men's ruby gemstone ring will need much of attention. Loose gemstone mountings or the absence of a bezel set stone can, call for repairs and replacements. we already mentioned above that, low metal weight can by itself lead to many problems. Dents and deformation are common issues with light weight jewels. In our opinion, custom rings offer the best scope since you can define all the features of the ring and this includes, the metal weight and gem setting. 

Customization: Most of us do not indulge in the luxury of shopping for expensive jewels very often, fine ruby rings are quite rare even when it comes to exquisite jewelry collections. It is therefore a great idea for your men's ruby ring to have all the features that you wish to have. At Claddagh365, you get the men's ruby ring of your choice - no restriction on design, metal (gold or silver), no restriction on gem shape, size or cut. You can even send us your own image or sketch, we will gladly custom make the jewel for you. 

Top Tips: Always evaluate the jeweler before you decide to pick your men's ruby gemstone ring. Both gold and 925 silver ruby rings for men can be crafted to superior quality standards, make sure that you are not accepting any quality compromises. If you are paying big money for your ring, insist on getting a gem authentication certificate. Fissure filled also known as glass filled rubies, should be priced significantly low, these gems can get damaged quite easily. If you plan to go for a men's gold ring with ruby, you could choose from 14k or 18k gold. You will also get options for white, yellow and pink gold to choose from. Pick the gold color of your choice and don't worry about, what everyone else is wearing. 

Claddagh365: We custom make jewelry of all types in gold and 925 silver. The same team of highly talented and experienced artisans works on both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders. You could pick any jewel from our online resources and request for it to be made in the metal of your choice, there is no limitation on gems that you can select. Contact our team at if you need any information or merchandise, we will be glad to help even if you buy nothing from us. 

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