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Interesting information about happenings and events in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. You might seem some international content occasionally but, we will try to keep this largely Thai based. And surely no politics, no hatred and no illegal merchandise being recommended or discussed here. That food, interesting places to visit in Thailand, impressive business ideas, travel and transport in Thailand etc. Plenty of internet content about nightlife in Thailand, so we are not likely to cover much of that on the Saw2Day website. 


The information in this section is compiled by the team at - we will not share or comment on information that is politically or racially inclined. If you would like to suggest or comment or have a business, that you would like us to cover here and on our social media channels - drop us a message at and we will get back to you soon. 

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doulos hope bookstore on ship

An ex-cruise ship converted to a bookstore. The Dolous Hope floating bookstore  docks, at many ports in Asia for a few days, selling books on a number of topics including books for children. Prices are reasonable and often substantially discounted. More on this ship at ... more

custom shoes tips and suggestions

While the idea of getting a pair of custom made shoes may sound interesting, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before, going for made to order shoes. Clearly understand your need to shoes that are made to order, this detailed report has more tips ... more

wat maheyong ayuthaya

Wat Maheyong ancient temple in Thailand at Ayuthaya. One of the old temple in Ayuthaya that is still in a better condition than, the other (more popular) temple ruins. Images and notes on Wat Maheyong temple in this report ... more

african art digital artificial intelligence

A spectacular collection of African art pieces, using the latest AI technology, we have generated some fine pieces of art related to the colorful African continent. Right here ... more

food trucks in thailand

Food sellers in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand, have started to recognize the benefits of selling food in food trucks or food trailers. It is important to study the location and number of prospective customers before, starting a food operation in a food truck or trailer ... more

hideaway ban chang resort hotel rayong thailand

An awesome resort hotel at Ban Chang in the Rayong province of Thailand. Experience next level relaxation and personal attention. The modestly sized Hideaway Ban Chang resort and hotel is a fine place to relax or work ... more

phat khrap pow popular thai food

A popular Thai food dish Phat Khrap Pow is spicy and pungent. With chillis, basil leaves and garlic used as flavoring agents when making Phat Krap Pau, expect the dish to be way too spicy for many eaters. You could moderate the spice levels by, adjusting the 3 ingredients mentioned above. Here is how to cook this dish ... more.

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