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Before You Buy Made To Order Shoes 

Before you get into buying custom made shoes, do a serious thought and consider whether – you really want to go for made to order shoes. This might not sound like a good sales talk but, that is basically true. There are some cases when custom shoes are very necessary – the need may be more related to comfort and advise from a bone or nerve expert. You might for example, require a big size and that might not be readily available. Europeans and Americans who settle in many Asian countries, find it hard to get shoes of their size. A pair of custom made shoes would resolve their problem.

Another case where made to order shoes become necessary are when, your foot requires a wider shoe than is normally sold. As an example shoes of US size 10 are fairly common but, your requirement could be for a pair of wider (than normal) shoes. While there are companies making wide shoes, these products are difficult to locate in retail markets.

custom made shoes
made to order shoes tips

And then you have the style conscious man who, seems unhappy with picking mass produced shoes off the shelf! If this gentleman has the budget to match, he could go for a pair of custom made shoes that incorporate the latest trends and fine nuances of style. Such requirements are generally fulfilled by high end shoe crafters, here looks and trends take center stage.


So as we can see from the brief notes above, the market for custom made shoes is dominated by two, groups of buyers. In the case of specially designed and crafted shoes that, were recommended by a medical advisor, the medical unit generally has a set of shoe crafters that it recommends. A high end shoe making workshop is likely to have, little knowledge about interpreting medical recommendations. You could pick a shoe maker that has expertise in working on features that, take care of medical requirements. Just keep in mind that even such custom made shoes, can be made to look good and impressive.


And that brings us to made to order shoes for the style conscious man, these are focused on looking good – not to say that comfort is completely forgotten! Below are some interesting tips and suggestions:

  • In most cases a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes should suffice. This does not mean that you should on multiple custom shoes if, you have that kind of budget. Darker brown shoes are more versatile and black pairs well with most formal trousers. The consideration of custom shoes in a lighter brown color become relevant if, you wish to wear your made to order shoes with trousers that have a light to medium gray color.
  • Keep in mind that most formal occasions would require fairly sober shoes, with little or no flamboyance. Less formal occasions allow for more ‘talkative’ shoes. So it might be a nice idea to start with custom shoes that, are less noise at first.
  • It is always good to have a base image from which, you could describe your requirements for a pair of custom made shoes. This will ensure that, you get as close as possible to the shoes that you wish to have.
  • Coming to the size of custom made shoes, this is important as you will not be in a position to immediately check the size when placing the order. The normal practice is to provide a 1cm extra length, beyond your biggest toe. This allows enough room to move around freely without, having the shoe constrain the toes. Put it simply, this is all about wearing comfort.
  • The inside base of the shoe and the height of the sole should be carefully decided. Plain hard soles are more likely to skid unless, you happen to be walking on a carpet for most of the time. Consider age and foot condition requirements, do you need a padded inside, does the arch of the sole require something specific.
  • Remember that when sizing shoes, it is not just the length of the shoe that matters. The width of the shoe can often call for special consideration. The same shoe size could require a wider width, depending on the wearer. In many cases it is the width factor that, drives a buyer to opt for custom shoes – so get this right.
  • There are various grades of leather and prices would vary accordingly. In general not many buyers fully understand the properties and value of various materials, available to make a pair of custom made shoes. This makes it important to do a proper evaluation of shoe makers before, confirming the order.
  • You will surely need at least one (possibly more) trial fits, before your custom made shoes are finally complete. Work the shoemaker to make that happen. And when you do have that trial, wear the shoes for no less than 20 to 30 minutes, walk around and calmly describe how you feel! If there are significant corrections to be done at this stage, the need for another trial wear – would be necessary in most cases.

Will once again stress that, it is important to have a very clear idea regarding – why the option for custom shoes is being taken. There are many reputed shoe shops with readymade shoes – the idea of readymade or custom made shoes is yours, so make a smart choice and mode ahead.

Hope that the above information related to custom made shoes, would have been interesting and useful to you. Please share the page link if you feel that your friends or family would be interested in reviewing the report.

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