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Thailand Hotel, Hideaway Ban Chang 

A modestly sized hotel in the Ban Chang area of Rayong Thailand, The Hideaway Ban Chang is perfect for work or relaxation. We believe that work and relaxation are good friends and that, you need both to nurture a healthy lifestyle. Talking about the size of the Hideaway Ban Chang in Rayong, the resort and hotel is neither too large to make you just another guest number nor, so tiny as to compromise on quality amenities. Friendly service at this hotel in Ban Chang Rayong ensure that, your needs are taken care of. We are flexible enough to personalize our services. 

hideaway ban chang rayong thailand

A modestly sized resort hotel in Rayong, the Hideaway Ban Chang is just the right size, to provide personal attention - not too large to convert ever guest to just another guest 'number'! The hotel provides all modern amenities and is a fine destination to relax, work or both. 

hideaway ban chang, big swimming pool

One of the biggest swimming pools in the Rayong province of Thailand. One of the highlights of the Hideaway Ban Chang resort and hotel in Rayong, the swimming pool is bordered with comfortable (top covered) kiosks and sunbathing recliners. The airy restaurant (top covered) is located adjacent to the big swimming pool. The focus is on relaxation. 

eating at ban chang in rayong, the hideaway resort and restaurant

Surely the most popular food items at Hideaway for kids. Pizzas, chicken nuggets, potato chips and burgers. You really need not worry about using your Food Apps when dining or staying at the Hideaway Ban Chang - we have freshly cooked food for you and a variety of items to choose from. 

big swimming pool, big rooms and fresh food rayong hotel

One of the finer hotels in Thailand, the Hideaway Ban Chang in Rayong, provides big rooms, a big swimming pool, modern amenities in every room, delicious food - freshly cooked in our kitchen, fast internet, parking place, EV charging and quality of service that is second to none. 

big rooms at this rayong hotel in thailand  hideaway ban chang

Bigger than usual guest rooms at the Hideaway Ban Chang resort and hotel. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities and you have a variety of room options to choose from. The Hideaway hotel in Ban Chang at Rayong, offers guest rooms suitable for 1,2,3 or even 4 guests. You can choose to have breakfast added into the room charge 

food at hideaway ban chang in thailand at rayong

Looking for authentic Thai food or some popular international dishes, dining at the Hideaway restaurant in Ban Chang is a wonderful experience. We welcome room guests and visitors not, staying at the Hideaway hotel. You can even charge your electric vehicle when dining. 


The Hideaway at Ban Chang in Rayong Thailand, is perfect for work or leisure. A peaceful atmosphere that will keep your mind and peace and focused on the work. And since all work could be boring, we got your relaxation well covered - laze out by the pool, splash around in one of the biggest swimming pools in Rayong, sit at the bar of order some of your favorite food. We have you connected to the world outside by high speed internet, so you are really never cut off from reality! 

And if you are at the Hideaway Ban Chang for just leisure, we suggest that you bring your family and friends along. The kids have all day and night to splash in the sprawling swimming pool, their favorite burgers and pizzas are freshly made right next to the swimming pool. We even have a trampoline to let them vent their energetic skills! Swimming is great for both adults and kids, so make sure that you loosen up and relax your mind in the pool. Laze in the sun on our comfortable sun bathing chairs or, sit in one of the kiosks and be happy that you chose us to help you relax!


Just 40km away from the Hideaway Ban Chang is famous Pattaya - bright lights, noise, crowds and a fair share of smoke and dust. But given all that, Pattaya is on most travel plans a place that you should visit at least once. Something about Pattaya that no other city in Thailand can offer. And with all that said, peaceful relaxation is alien to Pattaya. Luckily Ban Chang where the Hideaway is located is not far away. Might be a better idea to spend your vacation with us and visit Pattaya, for a night! And if you are tired of the city noise and bustle, Pattaya might not be on your travel list at all!


Address: 182/2 Tambol Ban Chang,
Ban Chang District,
Rayong 21130, Thailand

Phone: 061 909 6029 (Thailand) 

Google Map: https://g.co/kgs/BSCuuu4



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พิกัด: ซอยเทศบาล44 (ซอยหลังโรงเรียนวัดบ้านฉาง)
สอบถามเพิ่มเติม 061-9096029

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