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Popular Thai Food - Phat Khrap Pau 

To begin with let us explain that, this very popular food dish in Thailand, has many spelling variations when translated directly into English. So excuse us if we do not mention some of those variations – phat krap pau, phad khrap prau, phat krap pow and probably other, spellings are common when referring to this spicy Thai food. It is all fine as long as we are on the same page, when discussing details about the dish.

While we will provide a short note on how to cook Phat Khrap Pow in this report, the main report discusses ways to control the spice levels of this commonly eaten food in Thailand. Let us get it clear at the outset that, this popular Thai food item was meant to be spicy. The overall flavor will always be pungent and spicy. Having said that, you could moderate the spice levels by understanding 3 of the main ingredients that, go into the making of Phat Khrap Pow.

Phat Krap Pau Thai food
cooking thai food phat khrap pow


The holy basil leaves, chillies work together, to add a spicy and pungent flavor to the Phat Khrap Pow. So if you wish to cut or add spice when cooking this Thai food dish, work on those 3 ingredients. While professional cooks would (rightly) say that, garlic is an important ingredient in the dish – take your decisions if you are not exactly fond of garlic.


True that Phat Khrap Pow is fairly easy to find in Thailand - from street vendors to the pricey restaurants. Besides being very popular this spicy Thai food item is also very easy to make. Meat is one prominent ingredient and you could choose from – pork, chicken or beef. Note that many Thai food cooks, keep innovating and try various options for meat. You could do this too once you are familiar with the flavors involved.

  • Meat (commonly one of pork, beef or chicken).
  • Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce.
  • Garlic, can adjust the amount added.
  • The sauces should provide enough salt, check that out.
  • Holy Basil leaves, sometimes called hot basil. Start with a few leaves.
  • Sugar just a tiny bit, experience will get that right.
  • Thai chillis, use just as much as you can stomach.
  • Long green beans, cut to size (1 to 1.5 inches).

The meat option that you use needs to be roughly ground up – not into a fine paste!. Then mix the 3 sauces mentioned above and add some sugar – we call this the Phat Khrap Pao sauce or the main sauce – referring to the mixture. Keep it aside.

Turn on medium heat using a frying pan, add some cooking oil. Put the chillies and garlic into the pan, keep stirring for around 30 seconds. Add the ground meat and keep stirring, you want that to keep cooking, until the meat is done. If you are adding green beans to the dish, do it here.

At this stage pour in the mixture of sauces and sugar that, we prepared earlier. Mix the cooked meat and sauce together well, remember that flavoring the meat starts at this point. Your Phat Khra Pow is not far away from happening!

The main ingredient which is the basil leaves goes into the pan now, heat still turned on medium. Keep stirring and do that until the leaves have wilted and mixed into the meat. That is the point when you do not need the heat anymore. Your popular Thai dish is basically done, some more additions – if you feel like it!

Taste the dish and check if you need more of fish sauce, sugar or soy sauce to be added. If you feel no need for such adjustments or do not wish to experiment at this point, get ready to eat your well made Phat Khrap Pow. The next paragraph will help you enjoy this excellent Thai food dish.

Some recipes might tell you to sprinkle some ground black pepper and chilli flakes on the dish and mix it. Absolutely your choice, you might keep that for the second attempt at making your favorite Phad Krap Pao.

Served on steamed rice Phad Khrap Pau is often served with, a fried egg on top. Some ice cooled water at hand, might be a good idea – helps cool down the spice.


This report is not filed by a professional chef. It is derived from personal experience and incorporates, ideas and suggestions from other Thai food lovers. Just like any other dish globally, you could fine tune Phad Khrap Pao to be more according to your liking or align with, any specific medical condition that controls your diet.