Thailand Jewelry And Gemstones


Jewelry And Gemstones, Bangkok Thailand

If you have jewelry on your mind, make sure that you take a good look at what Bangkok and Thailand in general has to offer. This is one region in Asia that has been supplying quality jewelry to jewelry houses across the globe. Skilled artisans are familiar with every type of jewelry from the classics to the temporary from, big look fashion to hip hop bling. We do not wish to build a Thai jewelry directory here but we will surely, update you on jewelry and jewelers that has caught our attention. None of this is paid advertising so please do not request for advertisement space on this website. 

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ring with gemstone

Gem rings have style and character, the gemstone that you choose for or gold or 925 silver ring depends entirely on you. However it is always a great idea to learn about some popular gemstones before making a choice ... more

sterling silver jewelry bangkok

Standing apart from the crowd, Chic24x7 draws on its immense expertise in the jewelry industry to launch its online store. Classic and modern designs studded with exotic gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and blue zircon ... more

synthetic diamonds should you buy

Synthetic diamonds have been around for a while, the stones have seen a significant drop in prices. Backed by big marketing campaigns, synthetic diamonds are being hotly promoted once again, should you buy ... more

white gold rings for men

Men's white gold rings can look just as handsome and imposing as yellow gold rings but, is white gold durable enough for men's jewelry. This report from Kaisilver explains about  hardness and gold color ... more

gemstone cladagh ring

The Kaisilver cladagh ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. The ring was first made 4 centuries ago and is regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history. Read all about this ring in the report ... more

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