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Thailand an important focal point for the global gems and jewelry industry. Jewelry lovers and business houses travel to Bangkok to initiate gem and jewelry related transactions, this activity is one of the big revenue earners for the country. Buyers for jewelry in Bangkok and Thailand include tourists looking for that special ring for someone special or, wholesale jewelry sellers who wish to replenish their jewelry stocks. You will also find many big brand label buyers, sourcing fine jewelry in Thailand. It is important to understand that, Thailand is not a mere trading center for gems, jewels and diamonds. The country is blessed with exceptional talent in terms of gem cutting and jewelry crafting. Jewelry factories large and small, turn out an amazing array of styles and designs. It would not be wrong to say that Thailand can satisfy the jewelry requirements of just about every market across the world. Be it the latest hip-hop trends, or the high end jewels worn by the the rich and famous, Thai jewelry production can ensure quality standards for just about every category. 

In this section we will introduce you to a hand picked sprinkling of happenings and trends in the fascinating world of jewelry. While some of the topics might be useful for those of you looking for a Thai jewelry factory to create your desired jewels, others might just draw attention to some interesting stories related to jewelry. All said and done, this is one section on our website that needs to be bookmarked for those of you who are deeply or lightly connected, to jewelry. 

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Why do many wholesale jewelry sellers, stock up with ready made jewelry sold by weight in Bangkok's markets. It is no secret that, making a selection from a fixed set of ready designs limits your choice. Basically you try to work within what is already available and hope that your markets and consumers will like them. When it is easy to understand that manufacturing wholesale jewelry, based on your designs, metal choice and gems is the most efficient way to respond to market needs, why do buyers shy away from that option. The reason is that Thai jewelry factories generally require significantly high M.O.Q volumes per SKU. The smaller jewelry factory operators might lack the skills and expertise to produce quality jewels. We talk about this issue in our report and urge you to, review it

So you wish to target the lucrative market for silver ruby rings, this does seem like an easy task but, have you thought of price points. A mass market for low priced ruby silver rings does exist, buyers expect to pick a gorgeous 5 carat ruby silver ring with a sparkling eye clean gemstone for under 25 U.S$. Don't try explaining to them just how impossible this price point is, there are already more than 200,000 such rings made and sold each year. Have you a good command over the ruby gem options to equip yourself for such a market. We would suggest that you read our report and learn exactly how to move ahead, the market is just too lucrative to ignore ... here.  

Bangkok is a great place to source all types of jewelry. The city has put Thailand on the international map as a major hub for gems and jewelry. CZ rings and jewelry are showing an upward movement in demand. Quality conscious jewelry buyers have in recent years, come to appreciate the beauty and affordability of cz gems. To ensure that your cz ring merchandise includes designs, gems and craftsmanship that appeal to markets that demand quality, consider the option to have your cz jewelry requirements manufactured by a capable Bangkok jewelry factory. Ucreations is one of the few Thai jewelry companies that can deliver quality without insisting on high M.O.Q volumes, you can read more on this topic ... here.

The universal appeal of stud earrings coupled with a wide range of styles and designs in which gold and 925 silver stud earrings are available, provides a promising market for jewelry sellers at all levels. So how should you approach this market, what types of stud earrings should you concentrate on and why, is it not advisable to invest in a very narrow range of designs. Choosing the right stud earring manufacturer is key to your success as a jewelry seller, we discuss all these issues and more in the complete report on stud hearings ... here

Tanzanite diamond rings have become very popular today, a major portion of the demand for these rings is driven by the rise in colored gemstone bridal jewelry. As young couples realized that the 'diamond engagement ring' was more of a marketing hype rather than, an essential - the focus has moved to exotic colored gems. The scintillating violet to blue-violet color of tanzanite, makes it a statement gem, perfect for an engagement ring. This gem has a lot more than beauty to place it as a top contender for a high end engagement ring. This Kai Silver report explains how a tanzanite diamond engagement ring can add meaning to the important event, you can read the full report ... here

With a new market trend emerging for quality 925 silver tanzanite gemstone rings, it is no surprise that the prices points being paid for these silver jewels is quite high. With this willingness to pay more for quality comes, the important task of knowing how to care and clean tanzanite silver rings. Kai Silver the leading online custom made jewelry provider, gives some valuable tips on caring and cleaning tanzanite silver jewelry. Once you have an understanding of the gemstone, it really does not involve too much effort to ensure that your sterling silver tanzanite ring retains its form and shape for a many long years ahead. The information is devoid of sales hype, so do take a few moments to review the report right ... here

Present knowledge has made us aware of the fact that, garnets comprise of a colorful family of natural gemstones but, that has not altered the domination of red garnet in the demand for garnet gemstone jewelry. Known for many thousands of years and respected through almost every civilization, red garnet remains the most popular variety of garnet. We take a look at gold and sterling silver garnet earrings and rings, what exactly should you look for when choosing these very popular garnet jewelry. Did you know that red garnet is one of the few natural gems that remains untreated, this would mean a lot to knowledgeable gem and jewelry lovers. Read all about this and more ... here

tanzanite rings and earrings

Tanzanite the exotic gem that is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, has carved a niche for itself in the world of fine jewelry. The fast increasing demand for gold and silver tanzanite jewelry and especially, rings and earrings with tanzanite gemstones, it is important to understand the features of the gemstone. When choosing a tanzanite ring or a pair of tanzanite gemstone earrings, make sure that workmanship and gems are of a good quality. The wide acceptance of colored gems in bridal jewelry has worked to rapidly increase the demand for quality tanzanite gems. This report provides some great ideas and suggestions ... here

Can you really develop a wholesale silver engagementring market strategy. Are not engagement rings so very unique that, ready made jewels cannot serve the purpose. If you are a wholesale jewelry seller, the good news is that, significant changes have taken place in the trend for engagement rings.  It is no longer only gold and platinum that impress young couples, today's bride is willing to explore and define spend sensibly. With these attitude changes, it is now becoming possible to cater to a wider market for silver engagement rings. While you do not want to overstock such merchandise, the fact that there is no longer the need for a hard and fast design rule when picking engagement rings, works to your advantage. The idea is to analyze the market for engagement rings and keep a watch on trends, read about it ... here.

Synthetic gemstone jewelry is gaining popularity, this is especially true of the wholesale jewelry sector. Manufacturers and sellers are quite often not clear about the difference between synthetic gems and imitation gems. It is necessary to understand the composition of synthetic (lab created) gems and imitation gems. Without this understanding, a jewelry seller will be unable to explain the true significance of a lab created gemstone to the buyer. While a cheap imitation gem stone can be nothing more than a piece of colored glass or plastic, a synthetic gemstone imitates the natural gem in all respects. Read this report and explain the facts to your jewelry customers ... here.

Thailand and more specifically Bangkok, is a great place to source wholesale silver earrings. Before you start shopping in ready made jewelry stores for your 925 silver earring requirements, consider the option of having the earrings manufactured in a jewelry factory. Making jewelry in a factory requires a lead time of around 4 to 8 weeks but,  the merchandise that you get manufactured can be based on your designs, your choice of gems and more importantly your quality standards. Factories might require high M.O.Q requirements but, you can look around and choose jewelry factory that delivers quality without insisting on high minimum order quantities. Learn more about sourcing your wholesale earrings  ... here

A black opaque gemstone, generally cut in the old fashioned cabochon way and yet, black onyx has always enjoyed a healthy demand. Black onyx jewelry in gold or silver when well designed and crafted can impress even the most seasoned gem or jewelry lover. Kaisilver the leading online high end custom made jewelry provider files this report on, black onyx gemstone jewelry. Also get some useful tips on choosing the gemstone for your onyx jewelry and get a glimpse of some fine jewels set with black onyx gemstone ... here

Given the importance of men's large rings, it is recommended  that big men's rings with size 12 to 15 are best ordered custom made. Not many jewelry stores would stock ready pieces of size 12, 13, 14 or 15 men's gold or silver rings. The point is that such big rings involve substantial investment in weight, sales can be slow because not many men require have such large finger sizes. Review this report that explains the essential elements of men's big rings, you will also learn how the design and gem selection for these rings need to go hand in hand. And last but not the least, review some amazing concepts for big rings for men from the master of online high end custom jewelry Kai Silver ... here

The basic shape and form of a cross ring give it full meaning and significance as a religious jewel. An extravagant cross ring or a very moderately priced jewel have the same level of meaning. So do you really need a diamond cross ring, the answer is now but, not everyone has the same opinion. Jewelat has something special for lovers of style who wish to flaunt an elegant look for their cross ring. Available in gold and sterling silver, the diamond cross ring is encrusted with natural white sparkling diamonds, quality assured for both silver and gold cross rings. Gold karat and plating options for the silver cross ring, are suggestions that can customize the price tag on these gorgeous diamond cross rings, read the full report ... here

It is quite amazing to see how a simple pair of stud earrings in gold or 925 silver can, brighten up your personality and do wonders to even the simplest of faces. As one of the very few jewelers to maintain the same quality standards for gold and sterling silver earrings, Jewelat is a great source to begin your search. The convenience of wearing earrings and their universal appeal makes them perfect for presenting as gifts too. Carefully selecting the metal and gemstones for your earrings, can help you enhance the beauty of the jewels. This can also be a great way to pick a pair of gold or silver earrings to, fit your budget. Get to know more about earrings ... here

Gemstone earrings can be found in a dazzling array of styles, the beauty of gemstones combined with the traditional beliefs and folklore that they carry, adds to the tremendous popularity of gold and sterling silver gem stones. Jewelat provides some useful suggestions for choosing the right pair of gemstone earrings. With silver jewelry getting impressive attention from quality conscious jewelry buyers, it is necessary to pick a jeweler who can assure the same quality of design, gems and workmanship for gold and 925 silver gemstone earrings. Read this report before you buy your next pair of earrings ... here

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