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Wholesale 925 Silver Earrings, Sourcing Strategy

If you are looking to source wholesale silver earrings it means that, you are already into selling earrings or jewelry in general. Markets have changed and the demand for styles and designs is never constant. This brings up a scenario where your mode of sourcing for the earrings needs to change too. You want to reduce the chances of unsold inventory, returns brought about by quality defects etc. Trying to achieve 100% efficiency in your sourcing strategy might not be possible but, you can at least keep guess work and random actions to the minimum. Let's look at the options open to you, we can then evaluate the pros and cons of each option. Much of this report would imply that, your interest is related to sourcing gold or silver earrings in Thailand. With a substantial resource of super skilled artisans and gem cutters, Thailand has always been at the center of the global gems and jewelry industry. 

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If you were shopping in Bangkok Thailand for your wholesale earrings, here are some notes on the sourcing. Shops around the Bangrak and Silom areas sell silver jewelry off the shelf. Minimum buying requirements generally exist and many of these shops, sell by weight. Look for the stretch on Charoen Krung road from the General Post Office (Praisanee Klaang in Thai) to the Silom Road intersection. Some of these shops spill over to the Surawong Road, the portion that connects to Charoen Krung road. Now this does seem like a convenient way to shop for 925 silver earrings but, wait a moment and think about your marketing plan. You need to pick from the designs that exist in the shop even if, you have a very clear idea of the type of earrings that will sell well for you.

When jewelry is sold per gram, buyers tend to make a comparison with the metal cost at that point of time. Sellers are aware of this and spend as little as possible on, workmanship and gemstones. So while this is a quick way to stock up your wholesale 925 silver earrings, you do not have much say on the quality or design elements of the earrings. It is quite common for buyers to comment that, around 40-60% of what they purchased, perfectly fits their requirements. The rest is guess work and forced buying to accommodate the M.O.Q volumes set by the shop. Also remember that the fixed number of earring designs shown off the shelf means that, quite a few jewelry sellers would be selling similar designs. 


You know your market, you are quite conversant with the styles and designs that will sell well, you know the price range that your market can handle. And don't forget about quality, you have a clear idea of the quality standards that your buyers will demand. The most efficient way to source the silver earrings for your wholesale jewelry business, would be to have them made in a factory. It is likely that you already thought of this option before but, gave it up for some reason or the other. The general issue with getting jewelry manufactured relates to, high M.O.Q volumes fixed by the factory. Small factories might be lenient on this requirement but, these factories might not be reliable in terms of delivery commitments and quality.

Time is also an important element, you would probably come on a 3 to 5 day trip to Thailand, expect to do some quick shopping for your wholesale earrings and then rush back home. Getting jewelry manufactured as per your designs and quality stipulations can take around 4 to 8 weeks. You might be aware that, Thai jewelry factories ship millions of dollars worth of jewelry each week to clients abroad. In many cases, designs are discussed through email or phone, orders are confirmed and production begins and ends without, the factory ever meeting the buyer face to face. So do not give up the option to manufacture your wholesale silver earrings just because of the time element.


You would have rightly heard that Kaisilver is the leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry. Over 12,000 quality and style conscious jewelry lovers across 15 nations, today wear custom jewelry crafted by Kaisilver Thailand. We have been the leading provider for finely handcrafted jewelry, for over two decades.

Having said that we can help with craft jewelry for retail resellers, this with a few clear parameters. We will not compromise on quality, we will not sell jewelry by weight. We can accept orders for gold or silver jewelry, with gems of your choice - your designs or ours. We will work on details and pricing together, you can make your purchase decisions accordingly. While we would gladly craft a single pair of earrings for you, more competitive pricing will be possible if, you order 5 or more pieces of the same jewel. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have. 


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