The popularity of rubies isn't something new, ruby has been one of the most desirable gemstones since ancient times. Beginning with the days when ruby was the stone reserved for royals and the elite, there has never been a time when supply of this awesome red gem has outstripped demand. Long term mining and rarity,  have resulted in the steady price rise of rubies. And if you talk about gem and jewelry lovers, there is no doubt that everyone wishes to have a ruby ring. The desire to flaunt a ruby gemstone ring is high in all market segments meaning that, there is demand for a 25 U.S$ silver ruby ring as there is intense demand for an exclusive 15,000 U.S$ ruby ring - the same is true of all price ranges in between these two extremes. 

The biggest challenge on the supply side is faced by silver ruby ring sellers, wholesalers and manufacturers.  When a natural ruby with a very ordinary appearance, sells for 400 U.S$ per carat and up, how exactly do you target a cost point for a huge customer base that wishes to wear a big, gorgeous 925 silver ruby ring but, is willing to spend no more than 20 U.S$ for the jewel. Yes it is true that, no less than 200,000 ruby silver rings are sold each year in the below 50 U.S$ price category. So how do you manage to target these low price point markets. The point is that, the trade has managed to label a variety of stones as 'ruby', this has been going on for many decades and is not a new sales gimmick. We will now talk about the gem options, for ruby rings with low price points. 

You could come across a 5 carat eye clean, gemstone set in a 20 U.S$ silver ruby ring. The fact is that, this gemstone is nothing more than a piece of glass, all that makes it similar to a ruby is the red color of the stone. While some buyers know what they are getting but, are happy with  any red stone, others sometimes feel that they are indeed getting a ruby gemstone. Such gems would best be described as imitation rubies. They do not try to mimic natural rubies and are happy just, to have a red color.  Resin, plastic, acrylic and glass can all be colored, so imitation rubies can be made with any of these materials. These stones are cheap and can be as cheap as 0.10 cents to 0.20 cents per carat. You might come across the term silver cz ruby ring, so what exactly does 'cz ruby' mean. Most jewelry buyers and manufacturers are aware of cubic zirconium, the man made stone that glitters like a diamond. When it is used as a low priced diamond look alike, cz is generally white (colorless). However this gem can be imparted a color during the production process and if, this color is red the trade sometimes refers to it as a cz ruby. The gemstone once again, merely replicates the color of a ruby and is therefore, an imitation ruby. As compared to imitation rubies made from glass, plastic or acrylic, CZ rubies are more durable and surely deliver more glitter and fire than even natural ruby gemstones would! So you now know what is meant by silver ruby rings with imitation ruby gemstones. 

What if you are trying for a price point that is too low for a natural ruby but, you do not wish to go for a cheap imitation ruby. Technically we would say that, lab created ruby gems offer the best option in this case. Sophisticated laboratories, clone natural rubies in terms of chemical composition, physical properties and even optical properties that the gem might possess. The gems will look very much like natural rubies and very often require, special equipment to be identified. These gems are also referred to as synthetic rubies and have a price point that, is suitable for ruby sterling silver rings. A ruby sterling silver ring would be priced much higher than the same ring set with an imitation stone but, the key is to explain the difference between the two stones to the buyer.  If you wish to manufacture wholesale silver ruby rings, lab created gems can deliver quantity,  size and attractive price. 

We now come to natural ruby gemstones, those mined from the earth. Do not expect to  get very cheap natural rubies that are untreated or treated by the conventional heat process, at prices that will be feasible for wholesale silver ruby rings. Even the lowest grades of rubies in this category would be priced at no less than 50 U.S$ to 75 U.S$ per carat. These gems would just not be attractive enough, to a market that wishes to wear low priced ruby silver rings with a big, extravagant stone. There is an interesting twist to this story but once again, a very clear explanation and understanding is needed. In the past decade, gem manufacturers have procured very poor quality rubies that would ideally be junked and thrown away, and treated them to appear absolutely irresistible. The right name for rubies treated in this way is, fissure filled or glass filled rubies. What needs to be understood is that, fissure filled rubies have a lower element of durability and toughness as compared to rubies, that have not been processed in this way. Sterling silver ruby rings with fissure filled ruby gems will cost a lot less as compared to what, ruby silver rings that are conventionally heat treated would. What about natural ruby gems that are either not treated or treated by the conventional heat process.  The only issue that could arise if wholesale 925 silver ruby rings are made with these gems is that, price points would be too high. We have seen some fine silver ruby rings with good quality natural rubies but, these would surely not have a price to attract a mass market. 

You will now have a good idea of the gem options available to you for 925 silver ruby gemstone rings. Basically as you look for large volume markets, the price point needs to drop sharply. And if your wholesale ruby 925 silver rings are more expensive as compared to what, others offer - make a serious effort to explain the quality difference that resulted in this price variation. It is never a good idea to sell jewelry without a clear disclosure of the metal and gems used, this will be true irrespective of the price point of your jewelry. Many countries have already enacted laws to protect consumers and, you can expect the list of these nations to become longer.

U-creations the reputed jewelry factory in Thailand, is a perfect choice for your wholesale ruby silver ring requirements. You can pick a design from their sample line or, provide a design for your rings. A compact factory setup that is high on skills and low on overheads means that, you are not required to commit large Minimum Order Quantities for your orders. Production expertise combines with a good command over gem procurement, which includes natural, synthetic and imitation gems. With color taking on a robust role in jewelry trends today, don't forget to consider metal color along with gem color. Your silver ruby ring can be plated with white, yellow or pink gold and this, helps add interest to the jewel. All the ruby types discussed in the above report are possible and you can also provide your own gemstones. Get to know more details ... here