CZ Gemstone Rings From Thailand


CZ Rings In Bangkok, Jewelry Manufacturer

The number of jewelry buyers looking for CZ rings in Bangkok has shown a sharp rise. This obviously means that the demand for gold and silver rings with CZ gems has grown rapidly. Jewelry lovers are beginning to  take a more mature look at gems and jewelry. This has resulted in cz rings becoming more acceptable even for special occasion rings. CZ jewelry manufacturers in Bangkok disclose that, good design and workmanship are being increasingly demanded by buyers. Young couples in the U.S, Europe and Australia are now open to the idea of wearing cz engagement or wedding rings - something that would be unheard of just a few years ago. It is this demand for cz rings worn to symbolize important occasions like engagements and weddings that, raises the importance of design, style and craftsmanship. 

If you wish to buy cz rings that are quite ordinary, the ready made jewelry shops on Charoen Krung Road in Bangkok should fulfill your requirements. Begin your search for these shops starting at the main Post Office on Charoen Krung Road, keeping looking on both sides of the road. The shops extend until you reach the Silom intersection. Don't expect good workmanship or trendy styles here, the idea is to make cheap jewelry that can be sold by weight. You should find a lot of cz rings in these shops with both, white (colorless) and colored cubic zirconia gemstones. Buying cz jewelry through these shops would undoubtedly, be faster than having them manufactured by a jewelry factory in Bangkok but, you will also need to make a few compromises. 

Now let's look at another scenario to fulfill your requirements for cz gemstone rings. You wish to target the fast emerging quality conscious market for gold and silver rings with cz, buyers in this category are quite likely to be interested in engagement rings in gold or 925 silver with cz gems. Buyer expectations related to style, trend, design, gem quality and craftsmanship are high - these are features that merchandise from a jewelry shop selling by weight, just cannot deliver. The ideal strategy would be to pick the right designs, lay down your quality standards and then look for a Thai cz jewelry manufacturer. Begin your discussion with the jewelry manufacturer with a clear explanation that, you expect the jewels to be worthy of engagement rings - with well cut, good quality cubic zirconia (cz) gemstones. Most jewelry manufacturers producing cz jewelry work to hit the lowest cost points possible, quality of design, gems and workmanship are liberally compromised. It is therefore imperative to emphasize the quality requirements that you have. Having done that, you should also admit that the cost of production would rise with the rise in quality standards. When fixing quantity standards make sure that your order covers a range of cz engagement rings in terms of metal, design elements, gem size, cz color etc. Having said that, we would suggest that you do not allocate a very large budget, remember that styles and design preference keep changing. The key to successful merchandising in rapidly changing markets, is to negotiate moderate M.O.Q volumes per SKU. This might not be an easy thing to do but, the next paragraph on factory criteria should  provide useful information to help you succeed. 

Factory Criteria: We are talking about sourcing cz engagement rings in Bangkok, options include a direct purchase from a ready made store or a production oriented approach. Let's try to sketch a rough profile for a jewelry factory that should be suitable for your requirements. Just keep in mind that open-minded negotiations are the only way to bring about a win-win result. Below are a few criteria that you should evaluate:

  • The jewelry factory should understand your emphasis on quality, there should be no doubt on this. 
  • We are talking about fine quality cz engagement rings and not, low quality hurriedly produced jewels. 
  • See the work done by the factory so far, a general view would be sufficient to show capabilities.
  • Insist on the finest quality cz stones, be willing to source the gems on your own - if required. 
  • The factory should have design resources but also, be willing to work with your designs. 
  • It would be helpful  if the jewelry manufacturer, stays updated with bridal market trends. 
  • Capability to manufacture both gold and 925 silver cz rings.
  • Moderate requirements for M.O.Q volumes - this is very important. 
  • Strong commitment to on time delivery, don't take this condition lightly. 
  • Technically sound management and supervisors comfortable with modern modes of communication.

Jewelry sellers should take advantage of the demand for cz rings especially, in market segments where buyers understand quality and are willing to pay for it. We have seen a fairly robust increase in both gold and silver cz gemstone rings, the trend looks like it is here to stay. If you plan to venture into the market with quality cz jewelry, make sure that you stay updated with bridal trends and bridal jewelry at least in the major markets. Don't overlook the opportunity to stock a few engagement and wedding band sets - in gold or silver with cz stones. Present the product in a good package, you could even try to brand the package. This would be the first step to branding your own merchandise.

Ucreations the compact and highly skilled jewelry factory in Thailand is fully equipped to manufacture good quality cz rings and other jewelry with cz gemstones. The configuration of this jewelry manufacturer is focused on talent and skills and not on, physical size. With this setup, Ucreations offers good quality jewels without, high Minimum Order Quantity requirements. Designs can be picked from the existing collection or you could choose to, provide your own design ideas and sketches. Since the craftsmen at this factory are experienced in a range of jewelry styles and concepts, you can aim for variety when ordering your cz gemstone rings. Just keep in mind that cz rings are no longer reserved for sterling silver, there is a steady demand for cz gemstone rings in gold too. The fact that cz rings have already entered the bridal jewelry scene is worth noting ... more.