Tanzanite Silver Rings Cleaning And Care


Caring For And Cleaning 925 Silver Tanzanite Rings

There was a time when silver tanzanite rings were mass produced with, low grade lifeless tanzanite gems, insipid designs and mindless workmanship. Buyers wanted cheap prices and jewelers pleased them, with jewelry that compromised quality on all features. With such cheap jewelry, there was no need to worry about the best way to treat, clean or store the jewels. The market for these mass produced tanzanite silver rings still exists but, another newly developed market for quality silver jewelry has picked up pace. We are talking about well designed and finely crafted, tanzanite silver rings that are adorned with good tanzanite gemstones. This new group of buyers appreciate quality jewelry and are willing to pay for such tanzanite 925 silver rings. When we talk about these rings, it is obvious that they are not cheap, with this comes the necessity to care and clean the jewels in the right way. The RG802 tanzanite silver cladagh ring is one of the gorgeous jewels in the Kaisilver 925 Silver Tanzanite Rings Collection. While you could order this tanzanite claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver, you would be pleased to learn that,  you get the same quality of handpicked gems and fine craftsmanship for both, gold and silver rings. The objective of compiling this report was to explain how a silver tanzanite ring should be handled and cleaned, so let us leave the sales push aside. You can always visit the main website through the above link, and review the rings. 

Caring For Tanzanite Silver Rings, Highlights:

  • Keep the ring away from situations where it can be struck by physical impact. 
  • Do not wear your silver tanzanite ring when doing heavy physical activity. 
  • Your tanzanite sterling silver ring should not be exposed to strong chemicals, solvents, acids or detergents.
  • Strong heat and sudden and extreme changes in temperature can damage tanzanite gems. 
  • When storing a silver tanzanite ring do not bundle it along with other jewelry. 
  • Read this entire report and keep the information in mind. 

Cleaning A 925 Silver Tanzanite Ring:

  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners to clean tanzanite jewelry.
  • Start cleaning at the first signs of tarnish, do not leave tarnish on the silver ring for a long time. 
  • A bowl with clean water, a soft toothbrush, a few drops of mild soap and a clean piece of cloth should be all that you need to clean your tanzanite silver ring. 
  • Use a recommended silver jewelry polish, lotion or fabric to polish away tarnish on the silver ring. 
  • In the final phase of cleaning, thoroughly rinse the sterling silver tanzanite ring in clean running water. 
  • Let the washed ring dry on its own, do not use dryers, blowers or heaters to hasten the drying process. 
  • If your silver tanzanite ring needs more cleaning processes, seek the help of a professional jeweler. 

Cleaning Process

Here is a quick roundup on how tanzanite silver rings should be cleaned. To begin with let us clearly mention, that un-plated silver jewelry is easier to clean and polish as compared to, silver jewelry that has been plated and shows signs of wear off on the plating. We would therefore suggest that, your 925 silver tanzanite ring be left without any plating. Lets now describe the cleaning process for these rings. If your silver ring shows sign of tarnish, use any recommended silver polish lotion, fabric or spray to take off  the tarnish - carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the polishing agent. You can now follow the instructions mentioned in the next paragraph. 

Ready a bowl filled with clean water at room temperature, a soft clean toothbrush, a few drops of mild liquid soap and a piece of soft, clean and dry cloth. Tanzanite silver rings should first be checked for any signs of tarnish. It is best to polish away tarnish just as it sets in, leaving a tarnished ring for a long time will cause a much darker and stubborn tarnish to develop. To take away tarnish on the tanzanite sterling silver ring, follow the instructions detailed in the previous paragraph. Jump back right here once the tarnish issue has been taken care of. Add a few drops of the mild liquid soap to the water and stir the contents. Gently pick and place the silver ring in the bowl, leave it there for around a minute. You can hold the ring between your fingers and move it around in the water but, make sure that the jewel does not brush or hit against the bowl. Lift the ring and check the portion under the gemstone, if you can see any dust, grime or other foreign particles stuck to the stone, wet the clean soft toothbrush and lightly clean the portion under the stone. In the final stage, hold the ring under clean running water and give it a thorough rinse. This is done to take away any loose dirt or other residue that might be stuck to the tanzanite gem or the 925 silver metal.

You have done a great job of cleaning your 925 sterling silver tanzanite ring now, pay attention to this important recommendation. The ring after the cleaning process will obviously be wet probably even, dripping wet - do not attempt to hurry the drying process by using blowers or heaters. You could use a soft, clean, dry cloth to gently dab out any water droplets that might exist on the ring but, nothing more.  Place the ring on a clean, dry cloth and let it get dried in a safe place. You really don't want to have it stolen or damaged by excessive heat or strong fumes. 

Taking care of your silver tanzanite ring is not very tiring or cumbersome, just keep the basics in mind and your ring will give you many long years of wearing pleasure. Kaisilver has put together a very professional report on Caring For Tanzanite Silver Rings, it might be a good idea to review the contents of the report and get a better understanding of your amazing tanzanite gemstone jewel. 

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