Silver Engagement Rings

It is a great time to get married or make a promise to do that soon, there are significant changes taking place in the engagement ring scene and everyone is loving them. The very visible change in the selection of engagement rings today is the crashing of some conventions - couples no longer follow the 2 months (bridegroom-to-be) salary rule. They might now spend just 100 U.S$ or reach for the sky when buying an engagement ring. The 'rule' that gold and platinum were the only acceptable metals for engagement rings, has also fallen by the wayside. Remember the sultry '... diamonds are forever line ...'? well that is no longer a hit today. Everyone realizes that, true love, dedication and sacrifice is the basis of a solid relationship and not diamonds or jewelry.  Interestingly the tradition of wearing an engagement ring is not being sidelined, people still want that to happen but, not at an extravagant cost and financial strain. 

This whole change in attitude has worked to push interest towards sterling silver engagement rings. Remember that gold, silver and platinum are all rightly classified as precious metals - this is not a new sales hype. Along with the ready acceptance of engagement rings made in 925 silver, there has been a change in preference for gemstones too. Many jewelers have taken a lot of trouble to promote, ruby, sapphire and emerald as the only gems with status and style. Fortunately, the secret is out now and couples have learnt that there are many other natural gems that are more gorgeous, much rarer and even more expensive as compared to the ruby, sapphire, emerald trio. The point is that couples are spending according to what they can afford, they are valuing gems according to what the stones mean to them. So don't be surprised if you come across a red garnet, silver engagement ring with small glittering white sapphire gems hugging the garnet. The young lady who picked this could be madly in love with the red beauty or, she might have preferred a birthstone in her engagement ring. Just for your knowledge, garnet is the January birthstone. The point is that more and more people are now aware that ruby is not the only representative of the color red in the vast galaxy of natural gems. 

So what does all this mean for jewelry sellers - well, it means good news provided that they merchandise well. If you are selling single piece jewels make sure that, you clearly demonstrate to the buyer why it is perfectly okay to wear a silver engagement ring. It is quite likely that the couple might request for a custom made engagement ring in sterling silver. If this is the case, guide them with reference to design, concept and gem options. If you cannot do this it means that, you are just like any other jeweler and price will be the only thing that could differentiate you. If you happen to be a wholesale jewelry seller, prepare your buying plan to include some concepts that are suitable for silver engagement rings. There are no hard and fast rules so, you will need to observe, learn and try. But if you are willing to do nothing more than to, visit a jewelry store in Bangkok (Thailand) or Hong Kong and buy rings charged by metal weight alone, you might end up taking a risky gamble. A better strategy would be to choose a jewelry manufacturer and have some handpicked silver rings produced, give attention to design, metal weight, gemstones and price points. You might have to overcome hurdles to find a jewelry factory that does not, force you to commit high M.O.Q numbers for each SKU but, keep trying and you will surely find one. 

When suggesting gemstones for silver engagement rings, make sure that the characteristics of each stone are clearly explained to the buyer. Do not shy away from recommending lab created gems but, never to try to sell them without a clear explanation. Talk about the diamond look and how it can be achieved by spending lesser dollars on both natural and synthetic stone that, can deliver that glitter. Follow this advise even if you happen to be a jewelry factory offering production services for 925 silver engagement rings. 

The 2 rings have been picked from the Jewelcreate website. These silver engagement rings were manufactured in the Bangkok factory of U-creations. The blue topaz ring flaunts a more trendy concept while the, second ring is more classic and conventional. The ruby silver ring is plated with yellow gold. U-creations is equipped to manufacture all types of jewelry and has very moderate MOQ volume requirements ... more