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Stud Earrings, Always In Style

No doubt that stud earrings are never going out of trend. The simple reason is that, stud earrings in gold or silver has a place in every jewelry collection. Jewelry lovers that prefer to wear earrings, love to wear their earrings for every occasion - to work, to a meeting, to a party and to that formal dinner appointment. The challenging thing is that, not all earring styles are suitable for every occasion. As an extreme example, a pair of exquisite shoulder brushing dangler earrings are (surely) not suitable, for wearing to a medical appointment. This is where the importance of stud earrings is clearly experienced. A pair of elegant and uncluttered stud earrings in gold or silver, would be generic enough for every occasion. Kaisilver the leading global online provider from Thailand for high end custom made jewelry, confirms that stud earrings show consistent demand for the past 2 decades. Simple earrings does not mean cheap or mundane earrings. You can contact the team of Kaisilver experts at for any questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to help even if, you buy nothing from us. 

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As the leading online custom jewelry provider Kaisilver can confirm that, the demand for stud earrings has always been  consistent - and this happens all through the year. Stud earrings can be elegant and simple and can also include, more extravagant design elements. It is quite common to choose the design for a pair of earrings and then, do a few modifications to craft a pair of gorgeous stud earrings. With Kaisilver handcrafting all types of jewelry, design updates are never a problem. 

Women and girls of all ages would have worn stud earrings at an early age, this is something that makes them have at least a few stud earrings in their collection as they grow up. Let us not forget that the number of men wearing earrings has seen a steady increase too. And stud earrings are by far the most popular design for men's earrings. No doubt that earrings lovers often mix different earring designs in their jewelry collection. And if you have worn earrings for many years, you might feel a bit odd leaving hope without wearing a pair of earrings! This is when stud earrings ensure that, you always have earrings to wear for every occasion. 

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While you could get a pair of stud earrings without any gemstones or diamonds, the fact is that gemstone stud earrings are extremely popular. Gemstones allow you to choose your favorite gems or favorite color. Jewelry lovers often make a choice of gemstones based on traditional beliefs and folklore. No matter what your gemstone selection for a pair of stud earrings, Kaisilver will be glad to procure the gems and custom cut them for your custom earrings. 

True that most stud earrings are designed to accommodate a single gemstone but, designs can really be more innovative. It is possible to combine different gemstones in pair of stud earrings. With Kaisilver placing absolutely no restriction on gem selection for all custom made jewelry orders, it is simple to understand why gemstone lovers prefer to work with Kaisilver for all their gemstone jewelry requirements. 

While gem color and traditional beliefs are some reasons for jewelry buyers, choosing specific gemstones - there is another important practice that has been going on for centuries. In the case of gemstone stud earrings, you have the full range of options provided by Kaisilver. You could pick the gemstones based on your color preference or specific gemstone liking. Jewelry lovers who believe in the special properties of gems and crystals, often wear gems that they feel would bring them a positive vibes. For example a pair of ruby gemstone earrings is believed to, symbolize love and also boost personal confidence. 

Birthstones are another reason why you might choose a specific gemstone for your gold or 925 silver stud earrings. The Kaisilver birthstone charts is one of the highly referred to document and we have, put that chart below this report. The idea is that each one of us has a special connection to a specific (in some cases more than one) gemstone - this based on the month in which we were born. Just to take an example, a pair of aquamarine gemstone earrings is very popular. The pastel blue shade of aquamarine exudes gentleness and serenity. But those same aquamarine earrings when worn by a person born in the month of March, delivers more than just external beauty. This because aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. You could wear an aquamarine gem in any type of jewel, not just a pair of earrings. 

Still on the topic of gemstone stud earrings, custom made by Kaisilver Thailand in gold or 925 silver. When browsing through the stud gemstone earrings on this web page or any other page on our websites, remember that you can pick the type of gemstones, the size, shape and cut. As an example, a pair of citrine earrings can be crafted with heart shaped gems instead of round gems. Similarly, tanzanite gemstone earrings can be ordered with oval or round tanzanite gems. 


It is not common for a jeweler to provide fine quality silver jewelry. This is because almost all jewelers, prefer to grab the higher profit margins that gold jewelry offers. Kaisilver on the other hand, ensures that both gold and silver jewelry is expertly handcrafted to the same superior standards. So the choice of ordering a pair of Kaisilver stud earrings in gold or silver, is entirely up to you. For the gold earrings you could choose from 10k, 14k or 18k gold and further specify white,  yellow or pink gold.  And if you wish to have a pair of sterling silver gemstone stud earrings we would suggest that, you do not have the earrings plated. This because any type of plating done on silver will wear off with time. Email our experts at for any additional information that you might need. 


We focused on earrings in this report but the fact is that, Kaisilver custom makes all types of jewelry including - rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles and even fine gemstone cufflinks. Saying this because a substantial number of custom earring orders that we accept each year, comes with a request for a matching pendant. Choose the style for your gemstone earrings and then  request our support team to have, a matching pendant concept. The email address for our support experts is provided below this report. In general it is expected that a pendant would be bigger than the earrings, that it is worn with. This makes it a good idea to discuss earrings and pendant with our team right from the start. 


This has been a rather detailed report on earrings in general and on stud earrings in particular. We have attempted to keep the information as generalized as possible, this to ensure that a wider base of visitors finds the information to be useful and interesting. Simply put, much of the earring related information in this report, would be applicable to all earrings in general - not just to custom earrings from Kaisilver. We would be glad if you share this information with your friends and family, the idea is to enable jewelry lovers to make well informed decisions. 


We suggest that you do not be in a rush to confirm your order, fine custom jewelry like that provided by Kaisilver was never meant to be purchased by impulse. Email us at with your requirements, mention the item that interests you, choice of gold or silver and gemstones and let our team come up with suitable suggestions. Ask as many questions as you wish, get all the information and then move to the stage of order confirmation and payment. Remember that we can accommodate all design modification requests and can also, work with your own design ideas. Your choice of gems is not limited to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. 


The leading global online provider for high end custom made jewelry for over 2 decades, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations.  We craft all types of jewelry in gold and silver, no limitation on gem selection and no restrictions on design. This explains why we do not put any limitation on your choice of gemstones. We are the only fine custom jewelry provider to ensure that, both gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. Email our experts at with any queries that you might have. 


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