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Malaysia Best Jewelry Shop (Top 3)

There a large number of jewelry shops in Kuala Lumpur and across Malaysia. Going by the claims made by these jewellery stores, most claim to have the best jewelry in Malaysia! In this report we list three of the very best jewelry sellers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Each of these jewelers has its own highlights, something that provides it with an impressive list of clients. The gold jewelry styles and designs are gorgeous and each jewelry shop seems to have, a high level of expertise in specific themes and collections. 

Before we begin listing the top jewelry shops in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur - it is important to mention that, the three Kuala Lumpur jewelers are reputed, trusted and awesome. The order of listing these jewelry stores, does not attempt to rank them in anyway. Suffice it to say that, these are the best jewelry shops in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia..

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An impressive Malaysia gold jewelry provider, Malabar Gold And Diamonds has a jewelry showroom in Kuala Lumpur that, has a dazzling array of gold jewellery. The jewelry collections in this Kuala Lumpur jewelry showroom, have a wide range of designs and fairly good depth. If you have a fairly good idea of the jewelry that you wish to buy, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is a nice place to go. This jewelry showroom in Kuala Lumpur, earns its place in the top 3 best jewelry stores in Malaysia.

Address: No 143, 145, 147 Ground Floor, Jalan Bunus, Off, Jalan Masjid India, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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CERES has been recognized as one of the top diamond jewelry provider in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Leveraging decades of expertise in diamonds CERES Diamonds touts gold jewelry collections that, are rarely seen in other jewellery shops in Malaysia. At a time when lab created diamonds are being, sold as being 'near' to real diamonds, CERES has ensured that, lab diamonds do not find a place in the plush diamond jewelry showroom located in Kuala Lumpur. 

CERES Gold in Kuala Lumpur takes gold jewelry in Malaysia to the next level. The spacious and conveniently located Kuala Lumpur jewelry store, is the place to go if you are shopping for gold jewelry but, would prefer to have the complete attention of a jewelry expert on hand. The gold collection draws on decades of design and craftsmanship expertise - focus on the designs that interest you and keep learning more from the knowledgeable staff.

Address: 3, Persiaran Hampshire, Hampshire Park, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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A gold jewelry store in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that is amazingly huge, SK Jewellery Malaysia is ideal for jewellery buyers with a fair degree of knowledge. Saying this because, the gold jewelry at this Kuala Lumpur jewelry shop is way too diverse. Entering this jewellery shop, is an amazing experience but, it can also be a bit daunting if you are not fairly sure of what you are looking for.  

This jeweller in Malaysia deserves a place among the 3 best jewelry shops in the country. Gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones is nicely showcased, the options are many and for many casual jewelry buyers the variety can be a bit confusing. But if you happen to have some experience in choosing gold jewelry, put this Kuala Lumpur jewelry shop on your list. 

Address: Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ยท In Mid Valley Megamall

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The Malaysia gold jewellery business sector is big, buyers look for gold jewelry to represent their style, as a show of wealth and also as a venue for investing their money. Plain gold jewellery from any of the above jewellery shops in Kuala Lumpur, would be a good option if you are likely to sell your jewelry in the future. When it comes to diamond jewelry in Malaysia, CERES with its expertise in diamonds, has a clear advantage. Malabar Diamonds And Gold, has a nice collection of gemstone jewelry but, buyers looking for diamond gold jewelry seem to prefer CERES. An advantage of Malabar Diamonds And Gold is that, the jewelry brand has branches across the globe. This explains why, you might have heard of Malabar jewelry more often, as compared to the CERES brand. The other jewellery showroom in Kuala Lumpur SK Jewellery Malaysia, seems to be more popular with seniors.

To recap, it would not be an easy task to rank any jewelry store in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia as the best jewellery shop. We have made an unbiased pick of the three most popular jewellers  in Malaysia. While this is not meant to underrate any jewellery source in Malaysia or across the globe, the idea is to reveal jewelers who have earned an impressive base of repeat clients.