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There are many reasons why jewelry lovers wear a cross pendant. Kaisilver experts mention that, the symbolism delivered by a cross pendant is diverse – the fact is that wearers of cross pendants, are really not major jewelry fans in general. From being a symbol of immortality in Egypt (Ankh cross variation) to an accessory to keep pace with style and fashion – the cross pendant today has more than just religious significance.

The history of the cross pendant is rich and diverse, spanning centuries and cultures. The Egyptian Ankh is often considered to be a variation of the cross, the Ankh denotes immortality. Christians see the cross pendant as a mark of respect towards Lord Jesus, the man who sacrificed his life on the cross. While Kaisilver places no restriction on the design, gems or diamonds or dimensions of a cross pendant, history does show that crosses were initial given importance for their shape – beautification features come much later. 

silver crosses also in gold

An exclusive collection of crosses, unique organic design and expertly handcrafted by Kaisilver Thailand. These cross pendants ship globally and can also be ordered in gold. The design of custom crosses can be modified to suit your preferences, we can even make an exclusive cross pendant in gold or silver, based on your design. Everything including dimensions can be customized ... more

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All features of Kaisilver pendants can be customized to suit your preference, we can even craft a cross based on your own design specifications. Both gold and silver cross pendants are crafted to the same superior standards. You could request for a plain cross pendant or a cross, with gemstones or diamonds. The dimensions of the pendant can be modified to suit your requirements ... more

Kaisilver custom makes each cross pendant, both gold and silver crosses have the same superior craftsmanship. You could order a plain Kaisilver cross or choose to have the cross, studded with gemstones and diamonds of your choice. The dimensions of the cross pendant can also be customized to suit your requirements. 

Today, cross pendants remain popular both as religious symbols and as fashion statements. They come in a wide range of designs, from simple and understated to ornate and elaborate. Some people wear them as expressions of their faith, while others wear them purely for aesthetic reasons. 

Beyond their religious significance, silver cross pendants are also worn as fashion accessories by people of all faiths. Their timeless appeal and versatility make them a popular choice for both men and women, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. You could order a Kaisilver custom cross pendant for yourself or, gift one to someone special. 

Kaisilver Cross Pendants

As the leading online high end custom made jewelry provider, Kaisilver places absolutely no restrictions on your choice of cross pendants or, any other jewelry.

  • You could order a cross pendant in gold or silver, based on your design or ours. Choose a design from our websites and request for design modifications or, send us an image or description of your own design concept.
  • A gold cross can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold and we offer, a choice of yellow, pink or white gold crosses. In our opinion a 14k gold cross delivers the right combination of, metal hardness and gold value. The choice is yours.
  • The choice of metal for a cross pendant is yours, we maintain the same superior standards for both gold and silver pendants. In the case of a silver cross, we would suggest that you keep the pendant un-plated. This is because, any plating done on silver, will wear off after a while.
  • Irrespective of the price, metal or gemstones set in your cross pendant – remember that, the underlying significance of the cross is held in the basic shape of the symbol. So your choice of design, dimensions and metal can be made based on your budget.


For over 2 decades Kaisilver remains, the leading online high end custom made jewelry provider. Over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers from 15 nations, rely on us for all their requirements. A team of super skilled and dedicated artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry. We ship globally.

Kaisilver cross pendants and other jewelry, can be crafted based on your designs or ours. All jewelry can be crafted in gold or silver, no limitation on gem selection or gem combinations.

Being networked to major gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is precisely why we place, no limitation on your choice of gems. Email us at if you have any requirements for gems and jewelry or any, questions on the same. 


Do not be in a hurry to order a Kaisilver pendant or any other jewel, without discussing your requirements with our experts at Make sure that you have all the information that you need, you can ask as many questions as you wish. And we will have absolutely no problem if, you finally choose another jeweler to work with. All we wish to do is to share our expertise and make sure that, you are making a well informed decision. 


The ring is absolutely beautiful, the ruby stunning. I was worried whether it would ever come, being delayed due to all the turmoil in Bangkok, but when it finally did, I was absolutely delighted. I’ve looked in many jewellery shops and haven’t seen a ruby as nice yet. Thankyou, my girlfriend, now fiancé, absolutely loved it! The communication and customer service was really excellent as well, customising the ring went very smoothly, and the price was excellent for the quality. Regards ...  John Williams ... more.