Chantaburi Temple Wat Khao Chawang


Chantaburi Temple, Wat Khao Chawang 

The Wat Khao Chawang temple in Thailand is located on a hilltop, this in the Chantaburi province of Thailand. It is not uncommon for temples located far apart in Thailand, to have the same name! So we talk about the Wat Khao Chawang temple in Chantaburi. Our story will be based more on its beautiful location and carvings rather than, on the religious significance of this Thai temple. A small note here that, the word ‘Wat’ in Thai means ‘temple’.


We have provided the Google Map location for the temple, Google as on date seems to be confused, with some details. While the location and address is rightly shown as ‘Chantaburi’. The first line under the name of the temple, seems to mention ‘Chiangmai’! Ignore that error and move with the information that, the detailed location and photos on Google for this temple, relates to Chantaburi in Thailand. We have provided a link to the Google map below this report.

wooden carved door, temple in chantaburi thailand
forested hill in thailand at Chantaburi temple


Back to the Wat Khao Chawang in Chantaburi – the temple is located on the top of a forested hill. Plenty of trees surround the temple premises, likely to have an interesting atmosphere after dark! You can hear a loud buzzing sound made by thousands of insects, residing in the forest. This is a fairly loud buzz and can be heard all through the day and night. Interestingly we observed no insects crawling around in the day.


One highlight of this temple in Thailand, are the tremendous wooden carvings all through the structures. Stairs, handrails, pillars and everything else seems to be put together, from some exquisite wooden carvings. A never to miss exhibit at the Wat Khao Chawang is the carving done, on several meters of a tree trunk. This is one single trunk at least 15 meters long and is carved on the surface. Depictions include Lord Buddha, other religious objects and also scenes from traditional village life in Thailand. A breathtaking showpiece that, should not be missed.

Continuing with the massively carved tree trunk, the piece has a room of its own. And everything about that room is decked with wooden carvings too. The doorway, the wall panels, the doors – just about everything. For someone that appreciates fine art, that single tree trunk should make the entire trip worthwhile!

thailand temple, area around wat khao chawang in chantaburi
temple on a hill in thailand at chantaburi


Located away from the main center of the Chantaburi province in Thailand, the Wat Khao Chawang does not get big crowds. Also remember that the temple is located on a temple, quite distant from the main road. The low crowd level at the Khao Chawang temple means that, you can see this beautiful temple at your own pace!


This is not just at Wat Khao Chawang or only in a Thai temple. It is always a good idea to respect others but, it gains more significance when it comes to religious places. Starting from taking off shoes in the designated areas, not shouting or talking loudly and respecting all the statues and items on the temple premises – to allowing other worshippers to go about their activities, without obstructing them in any way – just pay attention to that. It is fine to just go around for the good views and take pictures but, do not keep jostling and pushing around for vantage points!

carved tree trunk thailand at wat khao chawang chantaburi
wat khao chawang thailand at chantaburi carved tree stub


This is surely not mandatory and you will not feel odd, if you look around the temple and donate nothing! But if you wish to do so, look for those wooden donation boxes located at various points in the temple. Even a small donation of 20 baht helps, the upkeep of the temple and the living expenses of the people living in the temple. Temples play an important part in Thai society and this is especially true, in remote areas like, the location of the Wat Khao Chawang in Chantaburi. Temples rise to the occasion to help locals, in case of calamities and much lesser challenges. Many temples in Thailand, doubled into isolation and treatment centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The monks at temples in Thailand (especially in remote areas) often, take a risk in helping local communities.


Yes this Thai temple in ChantaburThailand is worth a visit, you really need not be very religious minded to be impressed by the temple and the surroundings. This Thai province has much more to offer than just the amazing Wat Khao Chawang temple. The commercial center in Chantaburi, is home to the world famous gemstone market. The market is generally active from Thursday to Saturday but, purchases need to be made with caution. Basically do not venture to spend much money if, you have little or no knowledge about gemstones.

There are a few more interesting Thai temples in this province, among them the famous Wat Khao Khit Chakut, a temple on a hill. Open for just few months of the year, getting to the top of the hill can pose quite a few challenges! Chantaburi also has some nice waterfalls, the Nam Tok Phrio is worth a visit. You can also visit the church which is not far from the gemstone market.

A lesser known but enjoyable beach in Chantaburi Thailand is the Chao Lao beach. You will find some nice seafood in that area as the evening sets in. Best to have your own transport when you visit the beach, and other remote locations in Chantaburi. Also try to visit the town set up, besides the river you will need to ask a local person to direct you there.

This province in Thailand has grown rapidly in the past decade, a number of hotels, 7-eleven stores and big department stores have come up in Chantaburi. The Central Department stores, Robinson, Lotus’s and Big C are all present in the main town. Just near the front entrance of Robinson in Chantaburi is the ‘Chatuchak Market’ – not as diverse as the Chatuchak market in Bangkok but, interesting all the same. A fairly good collection of ready to eat food in that market.


We do hope that you have enjoyed this report on the Wat Khao Chawang in Chantaburi Thailand. The additional information provided above relating to the province, could help you plan a more fun filled trip to Chantaburi. Stressing once again that, it is best to have your own transport when travelling to this region.


Google Map for the Wat Khao Chawang in Chantaburi. The map and directions are accurate but, the description at times, seems to confuse you with the term 'Chiangmai'! So this map is the right resource for the temple in Chantaburi Thailand, not Chiangmai.