Thailand Hot Summers


Coping With Hot Summers In Thailand 

Summers can be very hot in Thailand, this along with high humidity levels can have negatively impact your health peace of mind! In this report we talk about hot summers in Thailand, we also make some useful suggestions on how to handle yourself, in the severe heat.


Perspiration drains your body of not just water but also of, salts and minerals. Drinking plain water could further aggravate the negative impacts of perspiration by, diluting the levels of essential salts and minerals in the body. It might be a better idea to take some rehydrating drink. Ready to drink rehydrating drinks and sachets with powder, that need to be dissolved in water are your options. It is not uncommon for ready to drink options, to have a fairly high sugar content – relate that to your specific needs. Sachets are more economical and can be found, with modest sugar content. Sachets are also easier to carry around, bottled drinking water is easily available in almost every part of Thailand.

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The extreme heat in Thai summers, can affect your appetite, you might feel more comfortable eating mild and light food. We refer to food that can be digested quite easily. Make sure that food is clean and freshly cooked, carrying around cooked food in the heat for hours, can spoil the food. If you are travelling around in the Thailand’s summer heat with children, take additional care to keep them safe.

If convenient, consider buying fruit from the market or supermarket, washing the fruit yourself and then cutting them just before you are ready to eat them. Cut fruits are quite common in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, but these could be affected by bacteria in the humid summer.


If you happen to be on regular medications, make sure that you take them on schedule. Some medical conditions can worsen in extreme heat, so make sure that you do not face that situation. When planning your trip to Thailand make sure that, you carry sufficient quantities of medications that you generally use. Be aware of medical facilities around the place that you stay in Thailand. Helps to keep a list of clinics, chemists and hospitals in your area. Not common to find day-and-night chemists or clinics in Thailand. Find out if there is any such facility near you, and the other option would be to visit a hospital in case of an emergency. Stay positive and hope for the best but, do not hesitate to seek medical help if you suspect that something is not quite normal!

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Summer afternoons in Thailand can be the hottest part of the day. While mornings and evenings, might be far from cool – they are likely to be more bearable than mid-afternoon. So it might be a good idea to avoid outings including outdoor exercises and games, before or after the peak afternoon heat.

 The above might not be easy to manage for tourists or some other individuals – so if that is the case with you, ensure that you are well hydrated. Take sufficient heat breaks, these would be times when you step out of direct sunlight and spend a while indoors or at least, in shaded areas. These are even more important when dealing with children and the elderly.

If you wish to keep to your exercise routine, consider joining a fitness center that is well maintained and has an efficient cooling system.


Light and loose clothing will keep you more comfortable in the Thai summer heat. Choose light colors as dark colors, tend to absorb heat rather than deflect it away. If you expect to be out for hours in the heat, you might want to carry a set of spare clothes with you. A clothes change, when the clothes that are wearing are soaked with perspiration is a great idea. 


A hot summer in Thailand and indeed in any other country, would take its toll on your body and mind! Prolonged arguments, temper tantrums and verbal fights could get more frequent and serious, when your body is already, facing the discomfort of the heat and humidity. Be aware of this and try to stay cool, severe mental strain can trigger medical complications! 

We do hope that the above information would be of help to many of you. It might be a good idea to share the link of this page with your friends and family. This especially if they are not fully aware of how hot and humid, a Thai summer could be! We would also like to clarify that, none of the information in this report is meant to be a substitute, for professional medical advice.