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Whether you are ready or not and irrespective of whether you like it or not, technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. Health and medicine, office chores, communication, travel, entertainment and even the kitchen - we encounter and use technology every single day. The reports published in this section of the website are meant for all of you, technical jargon has been minimized as we focus on utility and interest. This is surely not a list of the latest technology but rather, an effort to decipher the mystery surrounding certain technologies - both new and existing. 

The technology related to induction cooking has been available for some years now. While some cooking enthusiasts love the comfort and flexibility that an induction cooktop offers, others fear that it might be too complicated ... more

product photography

Product photography is one of the essentials for a successful online store. You need not buy the most expensive camera for taking photographs your products, it is important to ensure that the quality of images is high ... more

big printers, printing large printouts

The requirement to print a large printout is not uncommon, a big poster or a wide banner are some examples. Whether you use a printing service or decide to buy a big printer, there are some things that you should know ... more

text to speech tool speechelo

A text to speech converter with awesome capabilities. SPEECHELO allows you to choose from 30 voices, 3 voice tones and 23 languages. Priced modestly this text-to-speech conversion tppl. Improve the quality of your video content. You can order the SPEECHELO text to speech tool for just $47, one time payment. Get more information about this utility ... more