Portable Beer Coolers In The U.S


Add Fun To Outdoor Parties, Portable Beer Coolers

Sit back on the couch and enjoy a beer with friends and family, the refrigerator keeps the beer comfortably chilled. Now picture yourself lying on the beach or enjoying an outdoor barbecue session on the hill top, you carried the dishes, the outdoor stove, the plates and pans but did you forget something? Did someone forget the refrigerator, no they did not - you just couldn't have the same chilled beer that you wished you could. The BrewingShack promises that you will never miss out on your favorite chilled beer, all you need is a neat and portable beer chiller. The cooler is available with a single and double tap arrangement, so you could even pack them with not one but, two of your favorite beers. 

BrewingShack offers its products within the U.S, orders are shipped to every corner of the country. Whether you happen to be a beer lover or the owner of a small movable food stall, these portable beer coolers will be happy to serve you. Sold at an attractive price, the single tap and double tap beer chillers become even more economical when purchased in numbers. The long stainless steel coils and the beer containers are made from food quality stainless steel - the 304 standard is maintained for the metal. The taps on the portable beer cooler are configured to minimize the chances of leakage, you surely don't want to waste any precious beer due to spillage. 

BrewingShack, Beer Chiller Highlights:

  • Allows you to enjoy chilled beer outdoors, portable and convenient to carry.
  • No electric connections and wiring required to cool your drinks. 
  • Available with one container and tap or two containers and two taps. 
  • Can fill two different types of beer in the double container beer chiller. 
  • The steel coils and containers are made from 305 standard food grade stainless steel. 
  • Spring type taps ensure minimize beer leakage, no mess and no beer lost. 
  • Beer chillers are shipped all across the U.S.A (shipping charges apply).
  • Economical price, attractive pricing for volume based orders. 

More Information: We do not want you to rush you to buy these beer chillers, review complete information in the Portable Beer Cooler Report and check out the detailed information. Once you have all the detailed information available to you, make a good buying decision.